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Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Bathroom

When you’re designing a bathroom, there’s a lot more to consider than choosing your tiles and taps. If you get it right, you’ll have a beautiful, functional bathroom. If you get it, you might need to have it completely refitted or live with lots of little annoyances. Look out for these common mistakes on the way. 

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Switching Things Around Unnecessarily

If you’re renovating an existing bathroom that has a layout that makes sense, think carefully before you decide to change things, especially about moving sanitaryware around. Moving pipes around become very expensive and can cause a lot more issues than it solves. If you do want to change the layout, make sure you talk to a good plumber to make sure your plans will work. Click here to see some design ideas to get you started with layout ideas. 

Overlooking The Door Clearing

You’ve fitted your bathroom suite perfectly, but then you realize that you didn’t think about the door and now it hits the bath or the vanity every time you open it. If this is happening, you could install a sliding door to make better use of the space in a small bathroom. 

Buying The Wrong Shower Screen

A leaky shower screen is incredibly annoying, and nobody wants to spend all their time cleaning a wet floor. Make sure you have measured for and installed the door properly, have proper caulking to seal the door, and a good quality door that can be easily cleaned. 

Not Considering Bath Tap Positioning

It can be great to choose some striking, chic bath taps, but if you’re sharing the bathroom with the family, you should think about practicalities first. A large central bath tap that juts out of the middle of the bath can be dangerous when you’re bathing young children, or a cascading mixer tap can get in the way of the overhead shower. 

Not Treating Wood Finishes

Wood fixtures look stylish and are a very popular bathroom trend, but before you install anything like wooden paneling or a wood vanity unit, make sure it has the right treatment so it will be protected from the humidity snd the water in the bathroom that could cause the wood to rot.

Not Shopping Around

Builder’s quotes can vary a lot. The only way to get a real idea of how much your project will cost is to get and compare several quotes. Quey the builders about any major discrepancies between quotes. Get at least three quotes, ideally from builders who come recommended by people you know. Always get references. The best price might not give you the best result, so think carefully before choosing a quote that is a lot less than the others. 

Missing Trade Discounts

A lot of suppliers offer trade discounts to builders. Ask your builder about this before you start work and see if you can agree to split the discount, with you claiming part of it and your builder taking a cit for the time and effort of arranging the discount and placing the orders. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.