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Money-Saving Tips for College Students

Throughout high school, you may find yourself bombarded with leaflets on potential colleges and lectures from your teachers about the importance of higher education. For seniors, it can be a daunting experience as you near the end of school and begin to prepare for the real world. One of the biggest concerns for students is money; with rising tuition costs and the worry of student loans, debt is becoming a common aspect of the college experience. Here are some money-saving tips that ought to come in handy, should you find yourself having similar financial woes. 

Student Discounts

One of the best ways for students to save money is to take advantage of student discounts. The majority of stores will offer student discounts; you just need to ask. Just remember to keep your student ID on you. You could end up saving money on grocery shopping, clothes, restaurants, and cinemas. 

Learn to Cook 

It may sound tedious at first, but learning to cook for yourself is actually a great way to save money. You may think it’s quicker and cheaper to spend money on takeout, but in reality, you’re wasting money that could otherwise keep your fridge stocked for another week. If you cook your own meals, you’ll not only develop new kitchen skills, but you’ll be able to prep for future meals too. Cooking doesn’t have to be fancy, but it is a big money-saver, and can even be therapeutic. 

Sell Your Textbooks

Odds are you’ve received a long list of fancy textbooks that you’ll need for your first term, and then never pick up again. Instead of wasting money on books that are going to gather dust on your shelves, get your money back by selling on your textbooks after they’ve exceeded their use. You can do this easily with Amazon, or even connect with other students on social media to see if anyone else is doing a similar module to you. 

You can use the money to spend on essential gadgets for school. Given the demanding nature of school projects and extracurricular activities, perhaps it’s not unusual to buy a new computer at some point. With your savings from selling etc., you can have a quality laptop for an affordable price. The key is to shop for refurbished computers from reputable sites.

Research Scholarships 

Obtaining a scholarship from your university or college can be hugely advantageous if you have money concerns. Higher education is not so easily accessible for students from lower-income families, so they can often miss out on opportunities to further their schooling, that are otherwise available to more privileged students. This can lead to ‘generational poverty’ and the increase of students falling deeper into financial burdens. The benefits of scholarships include students from all backgrounds getting access to higher education, breaking the cycle of poverty, and a rise in the numbers of low-income students graduating with degrees. Many students in the US are now looking towards sports scholarships to aid them in their college applications. If you fall into the category of low-income students, it is worth researching into a Sports Scholarship Agency that can help you to learn more about your options. 

Attend Free Campus Events

If there’s one thing students are very talented at, it’s attending free events. And on campus, there’s bound to be plenty of free activities to keep people busy. Keep track of any upcoming events on your university’s website, or any leaflets distributed on campus. Not only will most events likely also include free food – which is always a bonus – but they can consist of live music, lectures, and sporting events that can keep you entertained and save you from worrying about your lack of social life. Lack of money doesn’t have to stop you from going out and enjoying yourself. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.