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How To Move House & Upgrade Your Property Without Paying More!

Everyone gets to the stage where you feel the need to upgrade your house, you might be running out of space due to an expanding family or be looking for a nicer property, a bigger outdoor space. No matter what the reason it’s very frustrating if you just don’t have the budget to get the house of your dreams, but don’t worry there are different ways of getting an upgrade on your existing property while being mindful of cost. Moving to a bigger property is very achievable so let’s look at the options available.

Consider Different Neighbourhoods Or Towns

You might be settled where you are with friends and family but it’s always worth at least checking what surrounding neighbourhoods and towns might have to offer. Often previously overlooked areas can over go regeneration and gentrification so it’s wise to consider these areas while are on the way up and get a nicer property at a fantastic price.

Check Out Property Auctions

Property auctions are a great way to get a bargain on a better house, it’s a bit different from buying a house that’s advertised for sale in the normal way so it’s important to be aware of what this might mean as you don’t always have the same scope to have a property surveyed yourself before bidding, it’s especially important to check the financial details that are provided and have your lawyer check for any issues before bidding.

Look To Buy A Plot Of Land & Self-Build A House

One way of finding a property is to find a plot of land and have the house built for you from scratch, this can be a cost saver and you can have the design and layout you desire, within whatever your budget is. It’s important to be strict with your planning and guard against expensive overruns on the construction, it might be a good idea to get an experienced project manager to oversee the whole job as this will be an expense that saves a lot in the long run.

Buy A House That Requires Some Work To Upgrade

A renovation project is another avenue worth exploration as you’ll be able to purchase the property at a much more affordable price and if the state of the building is not too poor you can live in it and upgrade over time. As with most of the property options discussed here research and planning are absolutely key as budgeting needs to be accurate to ensure it’s a good deal you’re getting here.

Look To Build An Extension On A Smaller Property

So if you are still struggling to find a property of a suitable size then why not consider buying a smaller house and adding an extension. This type of addition can greatly add value to a house so that you can be sure that as well as having a large enough property for your needs you will see a return on the investment when it come to the time to sell the property.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.