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Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Home-Fashioned Chocolates Review

I received a free product in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed herein are my own.

Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates

Looking for a great stocking stuffer this year? You have to try Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolates. This is not your run-of-the-mill chocolate company. Mrs. Cavanaugh is a real person who started making chocolates in her home! Since the 1960’s, Mrs. Cavanaugh’s has been offering quality chocolates. Unlike your generic chocolate boxes where it is a guessing game of what each chocolate is, each box comes with a chart of all the possible chocolates. You can match the chocolates in your box to the pictures on the chart based on markings on the chocolates.


I love sharing boxes of chocolates. It’s so fun to cut them in half and enjoy with someone else, or just save the other half for later. There were so many yummy flavors, including Orange Creme, Raspberry Creme, Mint Truffle, and more! I think my favorite was the Stand-Up Caramel (no chocolate). It was the perfect amount of chewy and was so delicious. Check out all the flavors available:

Adrianne Meltaway-Orange flavored chocolate center
Almond Cluster-Select roasted almonds blended with chocolate
Almond Meltaway-Almond flavored chocolate center
Aloha Cluster-Toasted coconut, macadamia nuts and chocolate
Apricot Creme-Silky smooth apricot cream smothered by chocolate
Black Walnut Creme-Silky smooth cream & black walnuts smothered by chocolate
Brazil Cluster-Brazil nuts smothered in chocolate
Cashew Cluster-Roasted cashews smothered in chocolate
Caramel pecan(Helen) Select pecans blended with slow cooked caramel smothered by chocolate
Caramel Pecan(Turtle) – Every ones favorite chewy caramelized caramel placed on a bed of select pecans smothered by chocolate.
Caramel Coconut (Brady)-Layered macaroon coconut and caramel smothered by chocolate
Caramel (Stand-up)-Slow cooked caramelized caramel (un-dipped)
Cherry Almond Creme-Silky smooth cream, maraschino cherries,diced almonds smothered by chocolate
Cherry Cordials-Select maraschino cherries, juice smothered by chocolate.
Chocolate Fudge Creme-Silky smooth chocolate cream, diced pecans smothered by chocolate
Delight Creme-Silky smooth vanilla cream, smothered by toasted coconut & chocolate
Dipped Caramel-Slow cooked caramelized caramel smothered by chocolate
English Toffee – Taste the difference real butter toffee smothered in chocolate
French Mint Creme-Caramel pecan(Helen) – Select pecans blended with slow cooked caramel smothered by chocolate
Caramel Coconut (Brady)-Layered macaroon coconut and caramel smothered by chocolate
Haystack-Toasted coconut blended with chocolate
Lemon Custard Creme-Silky smooth fresh squeezed lemon cream smothered by chocolate
Macadamia Cluster-Macadamia nuts blended with chocolate
Maple Nut Creme-Silky smooth maple cream, pecans smothered by chocolate
Mindy Mint Meltaway-Bavarian mint flavored chocolate center smothered by chocolate.
Chocolate Sandwich Mints-Mint green chocolate between layers of chocolate
Opera Creme-Chocolate,Vanilla, Strawberry Neapolitan Creme smothered by chocolate
Orange Creme-Silky smooth orange cream smothered by chocolate
Peanut Butter Meltaway- Peanut butter chocolate center smothered by chocolate
Peanut Cluster-Roasted Spanish peanuts blended with chocolate
Caramel Pecan Cavaliers (Turtles) – Select pecan, slow cooked caramel smothered by chocolate.
Pecan Cluster-Select pecan blended with chocolate
Penoche Creme-Silky smooth cream, select pecans smothered by chocolate
Pollyanna Rum Creme-Silky smooth rum flavored cream, diced almonds smothered by chocolate
Raspberry Creme-Silky smooth fresh raspberry cream smothered by chocolate
Ruff Rum Bacardi – Rum flavored fondant center with roasted almonds smothered in chocolate
Rum Meltaway-Rum flavored chocolate center smothered by chocolate
Rum Victoria Creme-Silky smooth rum flavored cream, smothered by chocolate
Sandwich Mints-Green mint chocolate sandwiched between smooth chocolate
Trinidad Cashew Caramel-Roasted cashew nuts coated with slow cooked caramel & chocolate
Vanilla Creme-Silky smooth vanilla flavored cream smothered in chocolate

Mrs. Cavanaugh’s has expanded since her days in her ranch home, and they now offer Gourmet Caramel Apples and Candy Bars as well.


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