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My First Fytso Review

My First Fytso Review


I was in the gym the other day when I realized that I looked sloppy. Of course, there really is nothing attractive about sweating, but I just looked like I didn’t care. I was wearing an oversized tshirt, a sports bra that didn’t fit (not that anyone could see), and long baggy shorts that come just below my knee. I believe you can still look cute and fashionable while working out. It is time for me in invest in some stylish workout clothes.

Luckily, I found this new new personal fitness styling service called Fytso. I works a little differently than most styling services I’ve tried. There is no membership fee (yay!), but you pay for everything up front, before you try it on. You do get to see pictures of the items before you purchase. And, you can always return the items you don’t want for a refund. They send a return label automatically to your email.

Fytso Box

The styling profile is pretty thorough, including asking for all your sizes, pinterest account, and asking whether you like or dislike sample outfits. Here is what I received in my very first Fytso box:

Black Capris by Kyodan – $29.95 [KEEP]

I was hoping I would get pants in my first box. I desperately need workout pants! These capris hit the mark. I am always worried about fit with clothes I buy online. I guess I am just a weird shape and need to try clothes on in person. Luckily, these are a bit stretchy and fit great! They also have a small pocket in the waist band for a key. I never had a place to put my key before when I went “running,” so this is an added bonus!

Kyodan Black Capris

Pink Graphic T by Nike – $19.95 [KEEP]

I am so in love with this shirt. This is the kind of fitness style I was looking for. It is very lightweight material and I love the length. It covers my butt in my new stretchy pants. I also love the price on this.

Nike Pink Graphic T

Black Sports Bra by Reebok – $29.95 [RETURN]

I realized too late that I put the wrong size for sports bras, so the bras I received were too big. Wishful thinking I guess! This is a basic black sports bra. I can’t really attest to it’s support because it was too big on me.

Reebok Light Support Sports Bra

Black/Pink Padded Sports Bra by Reebok – $29.95 [RETURN]

I love this padded sports bra! I have never owned a padded sports bra and I am currently trying to figure out if I can exchange it. I’m sure if it was green or orange, I wouldn’t care. But it’s pink and I love it.

Reebok Padded Sports Bra

Right now, everything is sent to you by email. The preview of your monthly selections is sent to you by email, and then the link to checkout is sent in a separate email. You are not able to view your orders online. I really wish I could see my order online. This is a new company, so I am willing to cut them some slack. I hope they change the process.

If you are interested in signing up, you can join Fytso here.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.