Naturally Savvy Artificial Colors #GetHealthy Challenge – Step 3

Naturally Savvy

I am taking the Artificial Colors #GetHealthy Challenge and I am inviting you to take this challenge with me. Found in everything from food, to cosmetics, to pharmaceuticals – artificial colors are used to make our food & drugs look pretty. But they’re deceptive because they can be hiding in places you would never expect. Research shows artificial dyes affect our children’s behavior and have been linked to hyperactivity in children with & without behavioral disorders! Take this challenge to learn how to avoid & eliminate artificial colors from your household, and how to choose healthier options.

Step 3 is “Build Your Shopping List.” To complete this LAST STEP of the challenge, watch the video above. Search for healthier product options. Build Your Shopping List: Replace the products you identified in STEP 2 with healthier options. You’re not buying anything here – it’s simply an exercise to introduce you to healthier alternatives.

After you complete this step, you can request a FREE sample from the FREE SAMPLES page (found at the top and bottom of each challenge page). You’ll also receive your Non-GMO Badge.

I really hope you participate in this easy challenge with me.

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