What do you get when you cross the DNA from a bacteria or virus with the DNA from food? You get a genetically modified organism (GMO). Up to 80% of the packaged foods sold in grocery stores today contain GMOs, but you wouldn’t know it because products containing them don’t have to be labeled.

Naturally Savvy

I have decided to take the Naturally Savvy NON-GMO #GetHealthy Challenge and am inviting you to take this challenge with me. Take this challenge to identify GMOs on a product label, learn what the research says, and to begin removing GMOs from your diet today. There are just three easy steps. The first step is to watch a five-minute video, read an article, and take the quiz (you will have to create a free account).

Non-GMO Infographic


I really hope you participate in this easy challenge with me. If you want to dive deeper into GMOs, read this blog post I wrote almost 2 years to see what got me fired up about this topic.

Did you take the quiz? Let me know what you learned today. I got 4 out of 5 correct. Guess I need to study more!

Oh, by the way, when you complete challenges with Naturally Savvy, you get free samples. 😉

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