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Nerd Block April 2017 Unboxing

Nerd Block April 2017 Unboxing

I haven’t received a Nerd Block in 2 years and I kinda missed it. So I decided to resubscribe. Nerd Block is a monthly subscription mystery box that is full of themed nerd gear. You can choose from Horror, Arcade, Classic, or other themes for $19.99 per month. There are also boxes for children called Nerd Block Jr. and you can get a girls box or a boys box for $13.99.

What’s In My Box This Month

This month was full of hiccups. Originally, the box was to include a pair of Deadshot Whiskey Glasses. [So cool!] Unfortunately, they all arrived in poor condition and Nerd Block did not want to send junk to their subscribers. This resulted in a very delayed box. I don’t think I even got mine until the first week of May.

The theme for this month’s box is Best Dressed Villains.

Spiderman Glass – $7

As you can see, my Spiderman glass arrived in less than useable condition. I was offered a $5 Nerd Block store credit (which cannot be applied towards a subscription box) or $2.50 refund, but was not satisfied with this outcome. They did not have any replacement glasses to send.

Sex Panther Cologne Bottle – $10

I have never seen Anchorman so I don’t “get” this item. It does not have any cologne inside, but I think it would make a great flask!

Joker Suspenders – $18

How fun are these! Suspenders are making there way back into the fashion world and these are very daper.

Godfather Rose Pin – $5

This is actually a really cute pin and can be used even by those who are not lovers of the Godfather.

Joker Art Print – $10

This Joker art print is very cool. I am not one to display this kind of art, but I bet I know someone who would love it.

Dressed to Kill T-shirt – $15

I love this t-shirt! It is so fun and I will wear it everywhere.

The values of each item are estimated because many of these items are exclusive to Nerd Block. A few can be found on Amazon. The total estimated value of this box is $65! Pretty awesome.

If you want to try Nerd Block, sign up now!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.