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Opening A Café? Here’s How To Make Your Presence Known

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Those with a sense of hospitality, the willingness to jump into a community, and the courage to start a business can, and do feel inspired by opening up their own little cafe. They say that small businesses are the real backbone of our economy, and you can be certain that cafes fit this description perfectly.

However, cafes are often quite popular no matter where you go. As such, it’s important to make sure you stand out and are noticed in the local area, and really think about the kind of clientele you wish to serve. This is also important to consider among all the chain stores out there, where huge entities like Starbucks have cornered their section of the market quite successfully and offer a familiar brand taste that many people have come to love.

If you’re opening a cafe, then making your presence known with care is a good use of your time. Let’s consider how to do that, and just how to build outreach into a new community so they support you over other businesses.

Consider Your Storefront Appeal

Ultimately, those who walk past your cafe are those who may consider becoming patrons and return to your business time after time. It’s true that some people do hear about cafes and plan a trip to that place from afar, but at least initially, you’re going to have to attract people looking for somewhere convenient to sit and stay, as well as spend a little money.

With vinyl window graphics you can clearly invite people in with the most affable presentation, and may even be able to showcase certain promotions worth your while. Of course, you can also use display boards that show why you’re the hottest new place in town, such as boasting the kind of beans you use for your coffee, or your wonderful breakfast deal. Keep it simple, open, inviting and light. Also, make it clear how much seating is available by keeping your windows clean and avoiding too much decoration within. This can inspire anyone to come and give your cafe a try.

Open Social Media Pages

It can be healthy to open a few social media pages in your area, such as an Instagram and Facebook page. You can also register as a Google Business which helps you mark yourself on the maps feature and allow others to leave reviews or see your opening times, which is especially important during holidays.

Social media pages can be used to showcase your attendance at local food festivals, or to present the cakes you’ve baked up that day. Social media pages are fun and enjoyable to run, and can benefit your business in many profound ways. You’d be surprised just how effective this approach can be.

Consider Food Delivery Services

The truth is that the landscape of hospitality has changed. A good way of opening up your marketing base is to accept food delivery services as part of your customer-serving strategy. Now, some may think this goes against the ethos of their brand, and that’s certainly valid. However, many people do use food delivery apps to explore certain businesses in their area and may patronize them more than once if they’re impressed.

For example, if your cafe is present in an inner-city, then using a service like DoorDash or Uber Eats can help you provide breakfast to people who may be working from home without them actually coming in to your cafe. This increases the traffic you can service. Just make sure you invest in worthwhile food packaging items so that the warm and hygienic transfer of food can take place easily.

Make Your Menu & Concept Clear

Cafes may seem like a pretty simple concept on the surface, but with new cafes, co-working spaces, and artisan stores, it’s true to say that a cafe is not necessarily the same as the cafe beside it. Most people had at least some trouble trying to learn the Italian names for each Starbucks drink, for example, even if asking for a venti cold brew is now second nature.

As such, making your menu and concept clear is key. Craft displays that showcase the exact coffee beans or teas you have, display the cakes on sale with care, and keep a breakfast or lunch menu properly presented so that others can see exactly what their options, or perhaps vegan options, are. 

This way, you can better keep the foot traffic in your business moving, serve happier customers, and avoid wasting time in constant explanations. It also allows others to recommend your business and its location with care.

With this advice, you’re sure to open a cafe in the strongest possible sense.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.