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Play Funny and Free Dance Mat Typing Game to Type Quickly

                    Play funny and free dance mat typing game to type quickly

Many parents look for the best and simple way to prepare their kids for the adult life. It is because now most of the jobs and even college assignments involve typing. Most significantly having touch typing skills is necessary for various purposes. There are many ways available to increase your typing skills, but dance mat typing get more fame among kids due to its innovative features. The best thing about this game is that it offers touch-typing training.   It is a kind of typing training that brings numerous benefits to your kids. It brings you the ability to type the words on a keyboard without seeing the letters or keys. Apart from that, it also helps you to maintain your strain straight, simple wrist and better posture. These are essential processes that keep your kids relaxed and easy. It, in turn, minimizes the health problems caused because of using keyboard continuously. Now, many people use PC or laptop for their requirements and hence people regardless of their age and occupation can enjoy lots of benefits by playing the typing games.

Opt for interactive typing games

The dance mate typing is one of the most interactive games that will keep your kids engaged.  The cool and funny cartoon characters grab the attention of many kids towards this typing game and encourage them to boost their typing skills quickly. Another unique feature of this typing game is that it has many levels. When it comes to bbc dance mat typing level 1, it is the first stage of this typing game. It comes with three different stages that help kids to learn the best techniques to operate the keys on their keyboard. The first stage of this game allows kids to know the finger positions and ways to type correctly on their keyboard.  It is completely about a home row which is known as “asdfghjkl;”. In this state, kids will recognize the perfect position of keys. After that, the first state allows kids to use their thumbs to leave space in between the words.

Different stages of typing game

The next stage of this level let kids learn the techniques to use e and i properly.  This training always starts with a home row and move gradually towards the vowels. As the 1st stage, it takes kids to different steps like medium, easy and hard. It is highly helpful because it lets kids enter the keys by using the appropriate fingers.  The third stage of this level teaches kids about the finger position for typing two letters such as u and r. It is the final state of the first level that let users control the keys in an effective manner. The most impressive thing about this highly interactive game it takes your kids through the review, introduction, and tutorial of touch typing.  The first level allows kids to understand the stepwise procedure of basic typing. It will make your kids get it simple in a hand of specialized touch typing.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.