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Sitting too long in front of the computer? How to effectively prevent eye strain

Sitting too long in front of the computer? How to effectively prevent eye strain

In the 21st Century, computers (most recently laptops and tablets) have become part and parcel of the daily work-life. In fact, if one happens to work in an office, then chances are high that he or she will encounter a computer throughout their workday.

That being said, while it can be quite a blessing to have plenty of information in one’s fingertips, spending so much time in front of the screen is not particularly healthy for both the body, as well as the eyes.

Taking a look at the stats

In fact, the statistics proves it all. A 2014 study that was carried out in Japan showed that office workers who spent longer hours in front of VDU’s (Visual Display Units) had greater chances of developing eyes strain, and a smaller concentration of MUC5AC, an important gel that is critical in keeping the eye most.

It’s no lie that using a computer requires one to exert more effort using the eye muscles compared to doing another eye dependent activity such as reading a book. Apart from that, the eyes also have to handle other unwarranted features such as tolerating the glare and brightness of the monitor screen that is in front of them.

To protect the eyes, here are some awesome eye-saving tips frequent computer users should adhere to so as to protect their eyes;

Having regular breaks away from the screen

Taking a few minutes breaks can be all that’s needed to give the eyes some reprieve. In fact, a short 5-10 minute break is essential in giving the eyes some time to rejuvenate after every 50-60 minutes of time that is spent in front of the computer.

Moreover, if one would like to know about other eye condition such as what causes dark eyelids, they can comprehensively do so.

Adopt the 20-20 rule

This is a pretty neat trick that most eye conscious office workers adopt to keep their eyes safe and well-protected. After 20 minutes of working has subsided, the office worker needs to turn their attention and look at something else present in the room, and at least 20 ft away from their desk. The office worker needs to state at the said object for at least 20 seconds.

Blink occasionally

Blinking is a sure way of making the eye receive as much lubrication as possible. In fact, by concentrating for long periods of time, one reduces the number of blinks that they make, which in turn increase the drying out of the eye. Worst of all, the presence of air conditioning only tends to make the situation much worse.

Clean the screen throughout the day

The accumulation of dust particles is detrimental, and can cause the screen’s visibility to reduce, resulting in one having to strain their eyes in order to have a better view of the screen. This straining is what can potentially damage the eyes. That being said, ensure to regularly clean the screen for a much better view.

Reduce glare

Glare is one of the most dangerous effects of any screen. To minimize any effects of glare, it would be wise to work in a slightly dark room, or alternatively have an anti-glare screen.

In summary, protecting one’s eyes at the office is essential in increasing both their productivity, as well as their work output.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.