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Protecting Your Home For Intruders, The Best Tips For You

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Home burglary and theft is still a common issue, even with modern technology. However, the number of break-ins is steadily falling across the world. The reason for this is due to the good precautionary measures for burglary protection that many homeowners already take. So that you are well protected and can go on vacation relaxed, we have put together the most important tips for you.

Make your house seem inhabited

Drawing your curtains or closing blinds that stay down all day indicate that no one is at home. This can be remedied by sun protection solutions that open and close by themselves. Timers can be retrofitted to existing systems. That gives the impression that someone is at home. But having the neighbors emptying the mailbox on a regular basis also makes burglars more wary, because it shows that there is a sense of community. You should also avoid announcements on the answering machine or postings on Facebook that tell the whole world that nobody is home.

Lighting is important 

Install a timer for courtyard or patio lighting. A motion detector that illuminates the house entrance also makes it difficult for burglars to penetrate in the dark. It also offers more security for animals and your other neighbours. This is why it’s vital to use if you’re away from home or if you are away from home until the later hours, this is best to install. 

Safely stow devices and tools

Burglars do not want to make themselves suspicious and use tools such as ladders, screwdrivers and the like in order to get inside your property, which is why they often find things as they go. It is therefore important not to provide them with any entry aids in the garden. Stow climbing aids such as ladders and boxes in the garage, as well as your tools, so as not to provide additional assistance to them getting into your property. Also pay attention to any holes or areas that are unattended such as larger cat flaps, or cellar windows open, these are welcome entries for burglars unfortunately. 

Upgrade windows and doors 

It is clear that the windows should be completely closed before you leave and the doors should be well locked. Almost 40% of attempted break-ins fail due to additionally secured doors and windows. Because burglars do not have staying power and don’t want to appear suspicious, which means usually after about 3-5 minutes without success, the intruder will leave. Special locks that make it impossible to pry open the window or special glazing offer increased protection against break- ins. As with cellar entrances or garages, one should be just as careful to choose a high level of security there, because these may offer openings into the house itself, through doors or utility rooms. Keep in mind that the older the doors and windows are, the easier it is to get in so upgrade when you can. As a security check, try picking the locks with a set of quality picks. Knowing that you have powerful locks reassures you that your house is safe while you are away.

Weapons on the property

In some countries and states you are permitted to have certain defensive weapons on your property. Therefore it is important to know what they all mean and how you can use them. You may want to know the difference between a Taser and a Stun Gun for example. 

Look at surveillance for the property 

Surveillance cameras are always viewed as a necessary home security technology for keeping the house safe. First of all, the visible surveillance camera acts as an effective deterrent that can keep many intruders away. And if necessary, the surveillance camera can also offer evidence to the police. Surveillance cameras also make the house burglar-proof also and what is even more important is that you can always keep an eye on your home with a surveillance camera via an app. This means that if a suspect approaches your house, the surveillance camera can detect this movement and then send you an alarm so that you can see via your smartphone at any time whether everything is OK. But not every security camera can be an effective home security. Only the surveillance camera that has comprehensive functions and reliable quality can effectively protect the house against burglary otherwise all it does is film the event which can be used to assist in certain police cases and insurance claims. 

Finally, don’t forget that your neighbor may also be able to secure your house against burglary. Because the neighbors usually know each other well and people nearby, they can quickly notice if an unfamiliar person walks past your house and behaves suspiciously. Therefore, before a vacation or a work trip, you can ask your neighbors to pay more attention to your house.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.