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Protecting Your Home In The Event Of A Storm

If you live in a storm-prone area, then you need to make sure that your home is prepared for the kind of damage that those storms can bring. If you suffered extensive damage the last time a storm came around, here are some of the risks you need a closer look at.

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Are your windows a safety hazard?

First of all, take a look at the doors and windows, which represent the boundary between you and the outside world. If you have older windows or doors, it might be time to replace them. Otherwise, high winds and debris may do enough damage to completely breach them, exposing the interior to the elements.

Are you taking care of the gutter?

If you have a green garden with trees, bushes, and the like, then it may be worth taking the time to clip them before the stormy weather comes in or to get an arborist to do the same. Otherwise, winds can whip up the branches, leaves, and other debris, leading to blockages in the gutter that can then cause water to start leaking into the home instead. Keeping a gutter cleaning tool at hand can help you prevent that, too.

Can your roof withstand a storm?

The roof is another one of the boundaries that you need to ensure is properly secured before any storms come rolling around. Old shingles and tiles can tear off with enough pressure, which is not only a safety hazard, but also exposes the top of the home to rain. Synthetic roofing can be a great replacement for roofs well past their best years. Stop water damage from coming in the stop and ensure you have a firm roof that will withstand storms for the years to come. For peace of mind and prevention of expensive future problems, hiring a roof repair contractor like Team Roofing to do a full inspection and maintenance on your roof every spring is a great idea. This will keep your family safe, protect everything you own in your home, and also push the need to replace the whole roof back by a few years.

Do you have a plan for dealing with water damage?

From leaks to broken roof tiles, storms can cause a lot of water damage, which you must be able to deal with promptly. This is especially true if you live in an area that’s prone to flood warnings. You can take measures to prevent flooding and water damage, but having access to a water damage restoration service might be more important. They can help you deal with that damage much more quickly, mitigating your loss as best as possible.

Can you deal with power cuts?

When it comes to the aftermath of a storm, not having access to electric power, including lighting, can not only be a pain in the neck, it can be dangerous. Anything, from stray branches and bigger, can hit a power line, causing a localized cut. As such, you might want to look at the possibility of getting a home generator to supply some backup power if your supply goes out.

If you live in an area that has been badly hit by storms before, then the tips above are only the start. You need to look at putting together a storm preparedness plan for you and your family so you can all stay safe and mitigate the damage as much as possible.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.