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Revamp the Poolside Area Of Your Hotel With These 9 Decor Hacks

So are you a hotel owner with a beautiful pool? Well then Congo with the pool you have hit the jackpot and soon you will be expecting a series of guests. If you didn’t already know, then remember that most guests love to have some fun by the pool not only during the summer, provided you have added some warmth to the water.

  1. Have you installed an ice bin side table?

If you want your pool to lure guests then you have to do a hack or two to keep tipsy drinks ready. Because who doesn’t love sipping on cocktails while having a gala time in the pool? Go for a durable high-quality piece which will offer you longevity and will be resistant against sun rays and water splashes. You can consider one of these to go with your pool:

  • Milky white made of granite, a resilient option.
  • A yellow toned bin side table crafted with sandstone.
  • Or even a colorful option holding a ton of pop colors.

If you have finally selected the one, fill it with ice, some pints of beers and set up a cutesy umbrella sleeve in the middle, and you are done!

  1. Bring in more comfort

While some guests cannot wait to dip into the swimming pool others will just prefer having a lovely time reading a book or sunbathing. Couches don’t go in the poolside so why not a hammock? Yes, hammocks have been in since they were invented by a good soul, and never fail to offer comfort to its users. if your hotel expects senior guests then add a hammock chair. It will add an aesthetic vibe to the décor, but the process of getting and out will be much easier. To offer extra coziness you can stuff your hammocks with blankets and even cuddly cushions.

  1. If not plants then what it should be?

Can you deny the magic faux plants for outdoors weave in any décor? No right? If you think you will have to invest in some fancy looking classy pots then no you can even be good without those.

DIY basic pots with fabric color and even lace and showcase your creative persona to your guests. Yet, for a twist, you can ditch potted plants for artificial boxwood hedges. These are in rage thanks to their zero tantrums and plus they are too good to look at. If you love animals or your hotel is kid-friendly then you can even keep the kids entertained by installing artificial topiary animals. The kids would be too busy to ogle at the animal topiary and their parents would thank you for that!

  1. Pouf seats, the grownup version of bean bags

Remember how popular bean bags were in the last decade? , they are making a comeback, well not those but their adult versions called pouf seats. These are available in a ton of shapes:

  • Round, flat, cubed, flat and even tall – they are bizarre we admit.
  • As you are buying this for your poolside go for a waterproof and a washable one. Hunt for outdoor fabric that will keep the mildew away while protecting it from the UV rays.
  1. Check the lighting fixtures for when the sun sets

Sunlight is essential, we admit and it brings the best in us. But what when the sun sets in the horizon? You will need to keep the poolside area brightened up and accessible for evening or late night sessions. Don’t be shy from installing a string of lights, of any pattern or color- round bulbs, twinkling LEDs, hot pink or even neon green parrot lights. Whatever be your preference, a string of lights will add to the ambiance of your poolside without burning your bank balance.

  1. Shade shell to save from the humidity

If your pool area doesn’t have enough shades to save your guests from the intense glare of the sun, then here is a quick hack for you. Ever seen a shade sail? Yes they resemble sails you see in ships but you can also incorporate it in the poolside décor. They will bring out some quirky twists in your poolside ambiance while saving your guests from awful sunburns. If you cannot afford to spend a fortune on a pergola, another sun-blocker shade then this will do the job for you and will last long.

  1. The vertical garden is a new thing!

Horizontal gardens are boring and conventional, so offer your guests a treat for their eyes while they relax in the pool. Potted plants are cool, but let’s admit the idea has gone out of vogue! This way of adding some faux silk plants without occupying a ton of space is getting way popular. You will just have to buy the pouches available in wood, iron and even fabric and then you can DIY it. If you think you cannot ace the thing, contact a gardener.

  1. Confine an area for meditation

The benefits of meditation are umpteenth and thus health enthusiasts’ would be delighted upon seeing the spot. All you have to do is to infuse some calming accessories if walls are available in that section and fill the ground with pebbles of various colors. Then arrange a comfy chair and even an ottoman, a few books accompanied with a steaming cup of tea. And bliss can be found on this planet!

  1. In pool chaise to rock every party

You can either install a set of dining table and chairs so that guests can have dinner while absorbing the ambiance. In case, dinner isn’t your thing, you can opt for pool chaise loungers. Available mostly in white they are best for poolside parties and are UV resistant as well. Made with high-quality material, they are super easy to clean.

Use the most of these tips and revamp your poolside before the next summer. And soon you will have guests praising you about your poolside ambiance. If you yearn to get that, you better keep going.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.