Have you ever been bummed out when you read the bills dropped in your mail? Those bills that make you why you still have a printer at home or if a dishwasher is really necessary? 

Funny thing is, it’s only when we are low on cash that we recollect how we spent money and how we should have spent it better. When this hits, the next big step is finding how to cut down on monthly bills and that of course starts with the electricity bills. 

Research shows that an average American spends at least 3% of their income on electricity. When you think of this, and remember tax, mortgage, feeding, rent, and every other need, there will be nothing left to save.

This is why there is a need to re-evaluate and take steps to help control those bills we have power over, and one of them is electricity. 

How to Save More on Electricity 

There are lots of things you can do to save yourself some cents on electricity, and it all starts with choosing the right provider.  

Many people who pay so much for electricity don’t even know that they shouldn’t because they are subscribed to an electricity provider that lacks transparency in service.

A city like Texas has several Electricity Providers who are in competition with each other. Living in such a city requires you to take full advantage of that luxury of variety. This is because since there are no fixed electricity rates, in a bid to get more subscribers, these electricity providers give special discounts. Some of which are not known until you begin to compare the plans. You can click here to find the best electricity providers in Texas. But you must be careful with your choice because “some discounts are not free.” You might be paying for the ‘discounts’ through other charges. The best thing to do is to choose a power provider with a plan that is just right for your building and pocket.

Here is how to ensure that you are not losing more money to your electricity provider 

Read Your Electricity Bill Contract: Contracts can be lengthy and time-consuming, but if you want to save yourself some cash on Electricity bills, then you should consume your electricity bill contract from start to finish. This is because many people end up paying more than they are supposed to when they are oblivious to the contents of their contracts. Another reason why you should read your bill contract is because when you are conversant with it, you can tell when there is an error on your bill and quickly request for correction before it becomes a case of bad credit. This way you are saving yourself from paying more by accident.

Be Aware of Your Electricity’s contract end: Your electricity contract end is another information you must have if you want to save some money on electricity. When you do this, you are rescued from paying more on your contract renewal. Information on your contract renewal is contained in your electricity bill contract, so this is another reason to read your electricity bill contract.

Compare Electricity Bills before opting for one: You can save yourself hundreds if not thousands when you compare electricity bills before choosing a provider. You may have been struck with disguised bills that you may never be able to identify if you don’t research the plan you currently have and compare it to other plans. Since there are over 30 electricity providers in Texas, a tip to speeding up the comparison process is narrowing down to the top 3 and making your decision from there. 

Understand Your Usage: You must be careful when selecting an electricity provider because they “seem” to have an attractive rate. What they offer may not be what you need. A 1000Kw/year rate may not be what you need if your usage is 1400kw/year. If this is your case, you may have to spend more on electricity again before the year runs out unless you are comfortable with being without electricity. Therefore, you must first understand the usage of your building before picking for any plan.

Opt For Monthly Payment plans: Switching to a monthly direct debit can help you save more money. This is because when you pay this way, suppliers tend to give discounts because you blessed them with the gift of having to do less paperwork. Another reason why monthly payment plans are beneficial is that electricity providers give discounts benefits for on time payments as well.

By switching to the best yet most affordable electricity providers, you can save as much as $500 in electricity bills. The best way to ensure you are getting the best offers at the best plan is by comparing your bills at Electricityrates.com

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