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Self-Charity Begins At Home! Using Your Home To Regain Control Over Your Finances


Whether moving to a new home, or you are making some fine tuning to your surroundings, saving money is always a handy by-product. These days, with the rising costs of living, the one true way that we can retain some sort of financial control is through our immediate surroundings. Saving money around the house is never easy, but here are a few simple ways to ensure that you are cutting some corners and clawing some money back…

Fix Your Appliances

It may feel like a contradiction of sorts to invest money into these appliances, but whether it’s getting a HVAC replacement or purchasing a low flow showerhead, by having appliances work the way they were meant to, and then keeping on top of the maintenance, you won’t have to invest in a new and expensive item every couple of years. Making sure that all your appliances are in working order doesn’t mean buying a bunch of new ones, but it’s about keeping on top of these things. And if you’ve got issues with your big electrical items, you won’t be wasting electricity trying to get these to function. For example, ensuring your fridge freezer is dust free on the coils in the back will save you a little bit of electricity, and therefore, a bit of money.

Keep An Active Shopping List

Food is the biggest expense, but also the biggest waste. By looking at what you have in the pantry and the fridge, and just making a note of the things that you need at this moment in time, you will only purchase the essentials. There are plenty of apps that you can use to collaborate with your partners, like Wunderlist, and this can help you to make a shared grocery list. That way, you only need to buy the essentials, and that way you’re not wasting so much gas going to the grocery store every couple of days. This could also free up your time!

Get Colder!

There are numerous ways you can save money on your water and heating bills. If you do your laundry in colder temperatures you will cut down on the unnecessary heating. The same applies to turning a thermostat down by a couple of degrees; you will save a decent chunk of money that way. Likewise, having a shower or bath that’s a little bit colder than your normal temperature will help. If you did all of these things, you would make a decent saving! In addition to this, showering in cold water has numerous health benefits!

Batch Cooking

Going back to food, if you purchase the essentials, but also find out ways to make them go further, you’ll save so much money. Batch cooking is a perfect way to ensure that you use all of your ingredients, but also save yourself time from cooking. In addition to this, portioning these items up and putting them in the freezer means they will go further. It is win-win!

Saving money around the house is the only way to really retain control over your finances. Let’s start now!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.