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Setting Your Property Apart From The Rest On The Market

Putting your property up for sale, or finally deciding to lease it out, is a big decision. After all, your investment could be hanging around for months without getting any takers! And while this is the worst case scenario, it happens more often than people like to think. As such, you should be prepared for it, and ensure you know just what it takes to set your property apart from any others.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to help you with today! Check out the points below if you’re not sure just how to stand out, especially when there are so many great properties up for sale in your area. 

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Fix Even the Smallest Things

The smallest things can include tiny holes in the wall, scuffs on a skirting board, a chip out of the door, and even a tiny scratch on the window. They may be small, but if you want someone to come into the property and make the biggest investment of their life, you need them to know the house is in as perfect a condition as possible. It’ll involve a weekend of DIY, but it’ll really help to set you apart. 

Keep the Coloring Neutral

A neutral colored home is the best one for implanting your own impression of a living space. Such colours, like white and blue or a good bit of light brown wood veneer paneling, allows a person to see all the space on offer without a hint of clutter running their perception. And when someone can imagine themselves living in your property, whether owning or renting, they’re far more likely to get in touch to take a look!

Perfect the Front Door

The way up to the property needs to look good. Why? Because first impressions are everything, And a home/apartment without any curb appeal is a place that simply isn’t going to attract anyone. 

It’s why so many front gardens are lined with plants and gravel and the fences are always immaculately painted. When it looks like a good place to live from the outside, people are going to want to live there. Especially compared to a house next door that doesn’t go to any of the trouble!

Create a Detailed Listing

Ask yourself: what would you want to know when considering your dream home? What would you want a seller or landlord to be upfront about before moving in? Because this is the kind of information you need to pass on when creating your listing

Sure, an estate agent may do it for you, but that personal touch is always much more appreciated. Plus, a detailed listing proves you’re here for the buyer or tenant, rather than just for your own monetary gain. Ironically, this can make people more eager to move in at a higher price. 

Your property can thrive on the market if you set it up just right. Use these tips to help you cross the jobs off of your checklist. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.