Setting Yourself Apart: Give the Gift of Nappy Cakes

Most women can recite the standard new-mum litany of necessary (and less so) baby gifts. But now there’s an opportunity for you to be noticed and appreciated.

Nappy Cake
Image by roamingwab via Flickr

You might not find the combination of the two words appetizing, but this selected couple of words will seriously up your popularity: Nappy Cakes. And before you envision layers of angel food cake mimicking a pile of nappies (those same items sleepy parents around the world must reach for too many times to count throughout the day), we’re here to tell you of the absolute adorableness of nappy cake gifts.

Whether you’re actually attending a party, a baby shower, a welcoming baby party, or a first-birthday, Nappy Cakes, courtesy of Baby Gift Box can be delivered right to baby’s door. Even if you do plan on attending, you can send the gift ahead, thus allowing you to walk into the event unencumbered, hands free, with your new outfit full on view. Have your gift delivered, and there will be no disruption to your fashion flair.

Everyone else will be handing over their oversized, rote gift bags or awkwardly wrapped boxes, but your gift will be a carefully crafted, clever, charming, whimsical present, offered up with the inspiration of a cake and the benefits of a gift. Nappy cakes come in a huge variety of themes and décor and prices range from reasonable to more extravagant.

Nappy cakes can feature gifts exclusively for baby (or babies – there’s an extremely cute, tiered “cake” designed for twins) or for mum and baby. Baby Gift Box has a multitude of already designed presents or you can specifically designate what you would like included. For less than $100 (AUS), you can have nappy cakes delivered anywhere in Australia.

For Budgets Under $100

For less than $100, the pre-designed nappy cakes include, for example, the popular:

My Bath Time Cake – choose a theme of ducks or dinosaurs. This cake features:

  • bath-time fun toys
  • a quality 100% Printed Muslin wrap (a generous 120x120cm) for swaddling or covering a pram
  • a 100% cotton thick Lush Face Washer
  • scented soaps
  • 14 Huggies quality nappies
  • 9-inch cake board (reusable for the bubs’ future celebrations)
  • a personalized greeting card

Gift-givers also have the option to add other wonderful gifts for additional costs, including:

  • Mother and Child Massage Oil
  • Fardoulis Assorted Truffles
  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Moet and Chandon NV
  • Veuve Cliquot
  • Make it all Bearable Chocolate
  • Recipe 4 Love 100g Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Mini Moet

For Budgets Above $100

Think of the “regular” nappy cake, but very glammed up. You can get similar themes, but in “Deluxe,” “Ultimate,” and “Grand” versions.

Make Mine a Custom Version

If you’d like to choose your own items, you have a selection of numerous items to add, including:

  • Baby Activity Toys
  • Baby Plush Toys
  • Baby Bath Toys
  • Baby Bath Towels
  • Baby Grow Suits,
  • Baby Socks and Bibs
  • Baby Manchester
  • Baby Lotions and Oils
  • Baby Minimink
  • Baby Dresses
  • Baby Sun Hats
  • Look Who’s Talk Baby
  • Annabel Trends Baby Socks
  • Aromababy Lotions or Oils
  • Korimco

There are also some super deals – yes, that means there’s a sale section. If you need something delivered tout suite, they offer Express Next Business Day Australia Wide for metropolitan suburbs.

Be different, stand out. Give that gift so unique and stunning that everyone at the party will want a photo of it.

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