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Neon Permanent Markers – Sharpie Neon Markers produce brilliant, vivid color in daylight. Mark fluoresces under black light. Vivid ink leaves permanent mark on most surfaces. Durable, fine tip produces bold, detailed lines. Great for use on paper, plastic, glass, wood and leather. Ink is water-, smear-, and fade-resistant.



These markers are so fun! They come in orange, green, blue, pink and yellow. They write so smoothly and the colors are very bright. The picture doesn’t even do justice to the colors. I love how bright the yellow marker is because usually yellow marker is hard to read on white paper.

Metallic Permanent Marker – Sharpie Metallic Permanent Marker is designed to provide brilliant sheen on both light and dark surfaces with the same bold, smooth no-shake performance of the Sharpie Metallic writing system. Marks are permanent on most hard-to-mark surfaces with a precision fine point. Alcohol-based ink formula is quick-drying, fade-resistant, water-resistant and certified AP nontoxic.


The metallic markers come in gold and silver. They show up very well on black paper. I love that these markers create even lines, meaning they don’t fade the longer you keep the tip on the paper. Check out this awesome mustache I made.

Sharpie Mustache

Premium Pen – Offers a smooth, high-quality writing experience. Delivers clean and concise lines that are permanent and smear-resistant.

Any left-handed person knows the feeling of constantly washing their hands from smearing blue or black ink. Sharpie pens are a left-handed person’s best friends! They write smoothly yet don’t smear. The fine porous point doesn’t run out of ink until the pen is empty.

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  1. carla hoffman
    March 9, 2014 at 12:21 pm (9 years ago)

    I love sharpie the best ever!!


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