Shirley Temple DVD Collection $37.99
Includes 18 movies fully restored in Black & White and Color unless otherwise noted + Free Shipping!
  1. Baby, Take a Bow
  2. The Blue Bird (color only)
  3. Bright Eyes
  4. Captain January
  5. Curly Top
  6. Dimples
  7. Heidi
  8. Just Around the Corner
  9. The Little Colonel
  10. Little Miss Broadway
  11. The Little Princess (color only)
  12. The Littlest Rebel
  13. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
  14. Stand Up and Cheer (black and white only)
  15. Stowaway (black and white only)
  16. Susannah of the Mounties
  17. Wee Willie Winkie (black and white ‘tinted’ only)
  18. Young People (black and white only)

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