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Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home This Summer

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Do you desire to decorate your home this summer but you don’t want to overspend or have too much unwanted activity around your property? If so, you might prefer a simple solution to change the look and feel of your home for the season at least, while you save for more extravagant renovations.   


Cottagecore is a fairly new concept in the world of interior design, it only really started to emerge in the 2010s and gained popularity with millennials and Gen Zed people starting to settling down and make their living spaces both modern and traditional.  

With cottagecore the idea is to romanticise the past and bring some of that old farmhouse aesthetic into the 21st century. It’s an easy style to integrate you just need some pastel colors for the walls and some weathered-looking furniture for the living room and kitchen. 


If you like portmanteau words then you’ll love the style of Japandi. This is a cross between Japan and Scandi, which stands for Scandanavia. The two styles are similar in many ways, but it’s the small differences in philosophy that make the blend so special. 

On the Japan side, you have Wabi-Sabi or the philosophy of beauty in imperfection, then on the Scandi side, you have Hygge or the idea of cosiness in the home and happy life. Create this style in your home this summer by opting for pared-down designs and neutral colors. 

Mirrored Furniture 

You probably didn’t know this but you can make your home much bigger than it currently is for very little expense of upheaval. There are no loans to take out, no construction companies knocking at the walls, and no spaces to avoid temporary work. All you have to do is buy some mirrored furniture. 

Mirrored furniture is available as mirrored dining tables, mirrored units, and mirrored bedside cabinets, and many other items that you can redesign your home with. Mirrored furniture is not only affordable and room expanding, but it also fits in perfectly with your existing decoration.  

Earth Tones 

Although professional interior designers say that you should redecorate every three to five years, that isn’t always a simple or practical thing to do. But there are ways around this such as using smart decoration ideas like Earth Tones for the long term. 

Earth tones don’t go out of style. They are calming, inviting, and flexible meaning they are comfortable tones and colors to have in communal spaces but flexible enough to handle the changing styles of your home. Earth Colors are typically chocolate brown, moss green, taupes, and murky mustards.

Color Pops 

Are you completely bored with your home’s decoration these days, especially coming into summer when you should be feeling alive with possibilities? If so, there is a simple and affordable way to redesign your home and bring some of the inner feelings to the outside. 

Color pop is a way of creating more color around your home in a controlled and artistic way that blends with your life and doesn’t break the bank. Choose a color that inspires you and look for pieces online and in uniques shops that speak to you and your space. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.