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Simple Ways to Make Clients Feel Welcome

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If you run a business where seeing clients is a big part of what you do, then it stands to reason that you need to make your clients feel as welcome as possible. This will give them a more positive opinion of our company, and help them to feel comfortable in your workspace, both of which are conducive to better client relationships.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some really simple things you can do to make your clients feel more welcome each and every time they visit your office:

Install a telecom

If you have a telephone entry system out front, then your clients can be greeted with a friendly voice upon reaching the building and directed to the relevant department before they even see you or enter the building, so this is a really good place to start.


It sounds so simple, but ensuring your clients are greeted with a smile and a peasant help is half the battle when it comes to making them feel comfortable. So, no matter how stressed out you or your staff may be, make sure you always have a smile waiting for clients upon arrival.

Ensure the office is inviting

If your office looks like a bomb has just gone off and the cleaners have gone on strike, it will hardly suggest you were thinking about your clients and offering them a warm welcome. It will seem more like you did not care enough about them to make the place presentable. So, whatever else you do, be sure the place is as clean and presentable as possible ahead of your guest’s arrival. Oh, and make sure it smells sweet too.

Ask about their life

If you want clients to feel totally at ease and really impressed, then you need to ask them about their life, listen to what they say, and ask follow-up questions that show them you are really interested. Not only is it a common courtesy to show an interest in your guests, but doing so is undoubtedly a good way to schmooze clients too. Everyone likes to feel important and valued from time to time, after all.

Keep it private

You do not want your clients to feel like they are being constantly interrupted when they are meeting with you, so if you can, find a quiet room in your business and ensure that no one disturbs you there during the course of the meeting. Obviously, have someone bring in coffee and a treat to make your guest feel extra welcome, but other than that, distractions should be avoided as it can feel like you are not taking the client’s time seriously if you are forever fielding calls or firefighting staff issues when you re supposed to be talking to them. It looks like really bad manners.

Making your clients feel as comfortable as possible is important if you want to foster good client relations and ensure that meetings go as smoothly and successfully as possible.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.