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Spring and Summer Wardrobe Essentials

With the warmer days of spring and summer just around the corner, it’s likely time for a wardrobe refresh. After winter in the same sweatshirts and windbreakers day in day out, you’re probably looking forward to the fun outfits of Spring, with bright colors, interesting patterns, and a whole new way to style yourself.

However, styles change, and what was in vogue last time the weather was warm may have passed out of style since then. If you want to look your best this Spring, don’t worry. We’ve put together the perfect list that you need to impress. Check it out.


First things first: you’ve got to be sporting some killer tops this spring and summer. Once you’re able to shrug off that old puffer jacker or parka, you’ll want to boast your new couture. So, what types of tops are best for Spring and Summer 2020? Try these on for size:

  • Crop tops are all the rage – sporting a leggy silhouette is all the rage these days, so be sure you opt for shorter-length T’s and tanks when seeking out new shirts.
  • Denim – denim really never goes out of fashion, but it’s safe to say the fabric is having a bit of a moment right now. Get yourself solid denim shirt if you want to make the most of the trend.
  • Off-the-shoulder tops are definitely a thing. With all that sun to soak up, ditch the tank top tan and let your shoulders get golden bronzed. 

Don’t forget that Pride is in June, too, which means you can go crazy with the rainbow clothing, including colorful tops once summer rolls around!


Next, you’ll want to focus on bottoms that are in style and on-trend. Now this year’s thrown us a curveball, but trust us, you’re going to love it. While you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of skinny jeans, this year, options are wide open. Wider legs and higher wastes are dominating the scene, with the classic mom jean quickly becoming an all-season staple. Feel free to play around with different washes, too – everything from faded black to bleached-out light wash is fair game strutting into Spring 2020.

  • Note: Avoid overly distressed options, though, as those are a bit out of season.

In addition to mom jeans, you’ll probably want to check out high wasted shorts. They pair well with crop tops, ramping up leg length and showing off the best of your torso. Plus, on hotter days, you’ll be glad you picked out a pair. Denim skirts are also a fun option for alt vibes that are sure to turn heads, if you’re tired of wearing shorts day after day.


Shoes are one of the most important parts of your outfit, so it’s always smart to prioritize stocking up on stylish and good quality pairs. You can put your snow boots and galoshes away once the warm weather arrives, and bust out your sneakers and sandals! Looking for the best options?

  • Canvas shoes are an all-around favorite that are in style year after year, so you’ll definitely want to pick up a pair if you don’t have any. Slip-ons and lace-ups are both on-trend, and especially platform sneakers. Just make sure not to ruin your profile with ankle socks; opt for no-shows or none when wearing sneakers.
  • Slide sandals are also all the rage. When the weather is heating up and you’re spending weekends by the poolside, you’ll want sandals that you can kick off easily when it’s time to relax.
  • Heeled sandals are also making a big splash, coming in neutral tones like black, white, and tan. 


Once your outfit is put together, what can you add to it to really make it pop? Accessories. Here’s a brief guide to what’s in:

  • Dangly earrings are a must-have for Spring 2020. They’re fun, they frame your face, and they’ll make your neck look longer!
  • Vintage sunglasses like cat-eye shaped acrylic frames or round metal frames continue to turn heads, so be sure you’ve got a couple pairs ready for beach days.
  • Woven materials are a trend you’ll want to be a part of. Woven purses and sun hats in particular are making waves this season, so if you’re looking to branch out, these are some interesting and cute options.

This season, branch out and have fun with some of the latest trends for your wardrobe essentials!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.