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Sprucing Up Your Style On A Shoestring: Budget-Friendly Fashion Tips For Fall

While there are many reasons to look forward to a new season, some of us approach a change in weather conditions with a degree of trepidation. It’s fun and exciting to shop for new buys, but keeping up with the latest trends can take its toll on your bank balance. If you love fashion, but you don’t have the means to invest in a brand new wardrobe when sunshine gives way to showers, here are some budget-friendly fashion tips for fall. 

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Layer up

Just because it’s cold outside, and the nights are drawing in, you don’t have to abandon your spring/summer wardrobe and banish all skirts, dresses, and tees to the depths of your closet. There are several items you can turn into seasonal staples simply by adding another layer. Take a pinafore dress, for example. If you’ve been sporting a dress with sandals and shades for the past few months, you can make adjustments to create a suitable seasonal outfit. Swap sandals for sneakers, boots, or loafers, add a pair of tights and put a basic t-shirt or a jumper underneath. As it gets colder, and winter approaches, you can add a cardigan, a coat, a scarf, and a bobble hat for extra warmth. 

Sign up for discounts and promotions

If you enjoy shopping, but you don’t want to part with a load of cash this fall, make sure you’re registered with discount sites and subscribe to your favorite stores. Follow brands you like on social media, and keep an eye on your email inbox. If you’ve found items you like, it’s a good idea to search for deals online, or to create a wish list and then shop when you get an email with a discount. You can register to receive all kinds of different special offers, from a Target promo code to early access to a VIP sale at your favorite online store. If you can save 10% or even more on your shopping list, you could end up saving a fortune. 

Swap shop

Have you ever looked at your friends and thought they had great style? If so, why not revamp your fall/winter wardrobe by hosting a swap shop? You can invite a group of friends, workmates or neighbors around and display items and pieces you don’t want or wear anymore. This way, you end up with new additions that you actually like, and any items you were ready to discard go to a good home. You can also take clothes you don’t want anymore to charity and thrift shops and see if you can pick up a bargain at the same time. Second-hand auction sites also sell on-trend items at lower prices. 

Updating your wardrobe doesn’t have to be pricey. With these savvy saving tips, you can refresh your closet, update your look and keep warm on a shoestring. Layer up to make use of your favorite spring and summer pieces in the cooler months, sign up for email offers and discounts, and consider swapping unwanted pieces of clothing with your friends. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.