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Style and Beauty to Boost Confidence

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I’m all for us women feeling confident no matter how we look – we should base our self-worth on who we are as people and what we have achieved rather than on how we look – but there is still no denying that our appearance can be a major source of confidence or lack of and it’s fine to want to look your best, which is why I’ve put together some clever beauty tricks to help you boost your confidence and feel great come what may…

Wear the clothes you love

A really easy way to feel better about yourself is to get rid of anything in your wardrobe that you don’t truly love. When you’re dressed in an outfit that you love, that looks good and makes you feel as amazing as it does comfortable, it’s hard not to feel at least a little more confident. So, when you need to feel good, wear your best clothes.

Blowdry your hair

There’s something about having big, shiny hair that just makes you feel more put together and in control of your life, so whether you visit the salon for an expensive blowout or you do your own version at home, go big and bold in the hair department next time you need a confidence boost.

If you have natural hair extensions, avoid leaving them wet because that can make the hair more vulnerable to damage. Blow-dry your hair extensions for easy styling but only on low to medium heat. Excessive heat can damage the bonds or tapes of your hair extensions. Synthetic hair extensions also don’t do so well with heat.

Make your nose smaller

If you watch these videos about nose surgery, you’ll see that it’s not as difficult as you might think to get a smaller nose, but if you’re looking for something less permanent, you can also use makeup to minimize your nose. Why should you bother? Well, you shouldn’t if you aren’t self-conscious about it or if you don’t feel the need to look younger, but if you do, making your nose smaller can really boost confidence and make you feel great.

Pexels – CCO Licence

Draw on your lips

In a similar vein, a lot of women are really self-conscious about their thin lips, which they feel also make them look older than they are, due to the fact lips thin out as we age. Luckily, this is really easy to remedy by drawing above your lipline with a pencil and then filling it in with your favorite lipstick. If you want to really boost your confidence, it has to be red lips all the way.

Wear heels

Some women hate heels because they find them really uncomfortable, if that’s you, wearing them is unlikely to boost your confidence, but if you can tolerate them, putting on a pretty pair of heels, which make your legs look even better, give you height and add a certain something to your outfits is a great way to up your confidence levels at least temporarily.

Correct your posture

Standing up straight tucks you in, slims you down, and encourages you to hold your head high. It shows that you value yourself and that is enough to boost your confidence right there. Hold yourself high and feel so much better.

Beauty and confidence don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but it can sure help!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.