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Substance Abuse: Addiction & Rehabilitation

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Substance abuse comes in many forms, including alcohol abuse, heroin addiction, marijuana addiction, cocaine addiction, and even painkiller addiction. I have personally been affected by substance abuse by a family member. My grandfather was an alcoholic for almost his entire adult life. As a young child, I never paid attention to the glass that was always in his hand. I didn’t know what alcohol was at that age. As an adult, I could see the effect it had on him. Mixed with years of smoking, his health quickly deteriorated and he passed away a few years ago. He had been on oxygen, lost all his teeth, had trouble moving around, and had skin problems, to name a few of his trials. He never sought rehabilitation that I know of. He came from an era where smoking and drinking were the norm. I later learned that he drank vodka straight, and my grandmother would dilute the bottle. That was all she could do to help him.

I was around my grandfather very frequently, and yet I never realized the extent of his condition. So what are some signs of addiction?

  1. Trouble at school or work – declining grades, suspensions, write-ups at work, and other problems can be a sign of substance abuse
  2. Change in mood or personality – becoming withdrawn, depressed, angry, forgetful, aggressive, and dishonest, especially when these are not a person’s normal demeanor
  3. Physical problems – loss of appetite, redness in and around the eyes, scars or marks on the body, and slurred speech
  4. Regular use – frequent hangovers, drinking or using drugs alone, pressuring other to use, and constantly talking about alcohol drugs can be signs of a condition
  5. Legal issues – getting in trouble with the law, including DUIs and public intoxication

People with substance abuse problems are more likely to become sober if they enter a rehabilitation program, such as Advanced Health. Many don’t realize how difficult it is to go through detox before starting rehabilitation. This NJ drug rehab center has a team of specialists and has affordable options. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, check out the Edison NJ alcohol rehab center or one in a nearby city.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.