As a professional, your work wardrobe may be pretty limited. While there’s nothing wrong with slacks, blouses, wrap dresses, and stilettos, those style choices can get super boring and repetitive day after day. Luckily for you, we’ve got some exciting tips for you to learn about more how you can spice things up in your closet. Keep reading to discover some of the different approaches you can take to give your work attire a bolder spin.

Add a colorful pencil skirt.

A pencil skirt is one of those garments that’s pretty much universally flattering. In all likelihood, you probably already have a navy blue, black, or grey version somewhere hiding in your closet. But if you want to jazz it up a bit, consider investing in a patterned pencil skirt. You could choose a brocade pattern, a black and white color-blocked one, or even just a bright jewel tone.

If you decide to do a busy pattern on your pencil skirt, make sure to balance it out with something simple on top. You don’t want to go overboard with colors and patterns, that will lead to an unprofessional and overly busy look.

Consider patterned flats.

Relying on heels to give your outfits a polished feel is always a good idea. However, wearing heels wreaks havoc on your body, especially if you have preexisting joint issues. Plus, some days just call for flats over teetering in heels.

If you’re ready to try something a little different, consider leopard loafers. Not only will these kinds of patterned flats help add some visual interest to an otherwise tame outfit, but they’ll also keep your feet more comfortable and you happier.

It’s important to choose flats that aren’t fast fashion and ones that can be washed. After all, you don’t want to invest in a pair of shoes and immediately have to discard them, ones that are durable and can stand up to the elements is important.

Put on a little statement jewelry.

Statement jewelry is easy to overdo. But if you can be a little sparing with a bold piece of jewelry, it can really help liven up an otherwise simple outfit. For example, if you’re wearing slacks and a collared blouse, a statement necklace is the cherry on top that will keep your outfit from feeling boring. 

Pick up an unusual bag.

Sure, that tote bag that’s falling apart at the seams is a dependable favorite you bring to work every day. But if you feel like it’s finally time to retire your ol’ faithful, consider getting a quirky bag. Maybe your new bag is planet-shaped or perhaps it’s fuzzy – whatever you decide, make sure that it matches your personal aesthetic.

Think statement sleeves.

If you rely on blouses to get through your week, maybe spice up that tame white button-down. Instead of looking for another color, consider rotating in some button-downs that feature statement sleeves. Bell sleeves, for example, can add a touch of bohemian whimsy to your work wardrobe. You’ll feel like you’re in a Wes Anderson film everywhere.

Glasses, even if you don’t need them. 

Have you ever wanted to channel that sultry librarian look? Glasses are more popular than ever. And you don’t even need a prescription to wear them! Pick up a pair of blue-light blocking glasses to add a nerdy chic aesthetic to your overall look. Hey, it might even inspire you to read a book or pursue other scholarly activities.

Get a nice watch.

When you want to stand out from the crowd, a nice watch can really help. With all the smart watches taking over, you can take a different approach and go for a traditional timepiece. Prepare to spend a little money to get the quality you want—but trust us, it’s worth it.


When it’s time to dress to impress, it can be hard to know the line between bold and too-bold. But by paying attention to the smaller details of your outfits, you can embrace a more exciting look and enjoy a bold, professional aesthetic. So, get out there, buy that funky pencil skirt, and embrace a quirky professional look that will turn heads for all the right reasons.

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