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Teach Your Old Bed New Tricks

Teach Your Old Bed New Tricks

Make no mistake about it; your bedroom is one of the most essential rooms in your house. In fact, when you consider the hours spent there, you could say it’s THE most important. Admittedly, you will be asleep for much of that time. But, that’s hardly the point. Getting this room right is crucial if you want to be happy at home.

It’s no wonder, then, that we do what we can to turn our bedrooms into our personal paradises. We decorate in our favorite colors and incorporate accessories galore. Many of us even install wall art with our top quotes on it. All the better for making our rooms inspirational and wonderful places to be.

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But, you’ll never achieve the desired bedroom perfection without turning to the main event. We do, of course, mean your bed itself. Whether you want it to or not, this is going to be the focal point of the space. As such, no redecoration is complete without a little thought here. Of course, just because you could afford paint doesn’t mean you can buy a whole new bed. They’re pretty pricey, after all. But, you can still complete the look by updating your bed in the following ways.

How about a headboard?

In some ways, you could say that headboards are out of fashion. While they were once a bedroom staple, you don’t often see them anymore. But, if you want to save on the cost of a new bed frame, a headboard has got you covered. There are many attractive options on the market. You could invest in a metal headboard to match your subtle decoration, or a pink wooden choice to suit your fairy princess room. Either way, this is sure to cost you a fraction of the price of a new bed. And, it could make a massive difference to the overall appearance of your bedroom.

Your mattress matters

You may not be able to see your mattress, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. Your work with decoration elsewhere in the room will go to waste if you can’t get comfortable there. Just like that, you’ll start avoiding sitting up here altogether. Admittedly, this can get expensive if you aren’t careful. But, if you visit for info before you buy, or look around a little, you’re sure to find the best deal possible. And, in many ways, this is an investment. With a comfortable mattress in place, you’ll never want to leave again.

Cover the old with the new

It’s also worth noting that new bedding is incredibly affordable if you shop in the right places. And, given that this is the most visible aspect of any bed, that’s good news indeed. Instead of worrying about costly replacements, then, invest in some new UK king-size duvet covers. As well as ensuring your bed suits your new decor, this can freshen its appearance no end. Pair this with the above suggestions, and you’ll soon forget it’s the same old bed after all.

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Ivana Balentic

Saturday 18th of January 2020


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