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If you have been into the ecig scene for a while, you will most likely already have heard about the Tesla ecig. Otherwise referred to as Teslacigs, the Tesla ecig is one of the most popular premium vape brands on the market. Contrary to the common belief that there is a connection between Teslacigs and the popular car brand known as “Tesla”, this premium ecig brand has no connection with the car company.

Since hitting the market in 2013, the Tesla ecig,  as a premium vape brand, has been known to manufacture some of the best vape tanks, pod systems, and vape kits available

In this post, we will take a quick look at the different varieties of Tesla ecig products on the market and why you should go for them.


Although “Tesla ecig” brand is more commonly used by experienced vapers, newbies can enjoy the experience that comes with the Tesla Starter Kit. Like most starter kits, the Tesla Starter Kit is designed to help get a newbie started on his vaping journey. Hence, it often comprises of all the products that the newbie will need to get his vaping journey started.

The Tesla ecig starter kit is often powered by a 1300 mAh battery. This ensures that that the newbie gets all the power his device needs to have a smooth vaping experience. When you purchase the Tesla Starter Kit from a reputable store like ePuffer, your kit will come with a variety of protection features. These protection features range from short circuit and overcharge protection to low voltage protection.


Some of the most common Tesla ecig products that you are most likely to come across is one of their premium vape MODs. Tesla vape MODs are typically lightweight, portable, and convenient. Do not assume that the portability of Tesla ecig MODs is an indication that they are not powerful enough as this is far from the truth. If you must know, Teslacig MODs will fit easily into any sub-tank, RTA, or RDA you prefer using.


There is a huge variety of Tesla ecig RTAs and RDAs on the market. Why are they unique? Their appearance. Most Tesla Atomizers are known for their authentic and fashionable look. Their excellent stainless-steel design makes most people find them attractive at first glance.

Tesla ecig atomizers are often armed with 2 major features and they include;

  •       The Electrode Pole: This pole is often suspended in the atomizer to make room for the e-liquid and cotton. As a result, the electrode pole helps in enhancing the vaping experience by ensuring that your ecig creates a bigger cloud than most atomizers on the market.
  •       A Visible Window: This window allows vapers to see the pattern in their atomizer.


Teslacigs continues to manufacture a variety of premium vaping products such as coils, MODs, atomizers, and starter kits. You can almost not go wrong with a Teslacigs product, because the high-quality manufacturing process ensures that users have a high-quality vaping experience.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.