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The Best Home Décor Ideas for 2017

The Best Home Décor Ideas for 2017

Our homes are our haven. It’s the place that allows us to close the door from the rest of the world to relax and wind. It therefore makes sense you would want to create a welcoming space that complements your personality. If want to add new life into your home this year, take a look at the following home décor ideas.

Color Trends

One of the biggest interior color trends for 2017 is green. From a warming emerald to a vibrant lime green hue, you can expect this color to be popping up in homes everywhere this year. Kendall Jenner’s interior designer, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, believes green could be the color of the season, which could feature on our walls, furnishings and decorative accessories.


Art deco styles are set to dominate this year, but will offer modern updates to create focal pieces within any room. Think beautiful burled wood, 1950s office chairs and campaign furniture, which will make your home look something out of Architectural Digest.

Repurposed Furnishings

Instead of splashing the cash on expensive furniture, you could always opt to upcycle old furnishings. There’s never been a better time to do it, either, because this is a popular design trend now. It also gives you an opportunity to be a little creative within your home, or enjoy a day of shopping hunting for the perfect traditional piece. For example, you can buy an old ottoman and upcycle it with some beautiful material.

Art Wallpaper

Peter Marino is the perfect example of an interior designer who combines art with architecture, creating impressive designs that will wow guests. While none of us may have the creative talent of the respected architect, we can incorporate beautiful works of art into our homes.

Art wallpaper is set to be a big trend in 2017, offering textures and atmosphere to your chosen room. From large-scale floral patterns to geometric lines, you can incorporate impressive wallpaper that will certainly offer a focal point in any home.


If you have a rather mismatched interior style then 2017 could be your year, because bohemian will be all the rage this year. The random patterns, shades and design can create a contrasting look that work well when combined with lanterns and ottomans. Think beautiful bedsheets and colorful cushions, which create a truly inviting home, whatever the weather.

Mixed Metals

Gold and brass has been a popular addition to the home recently, but this year will see the return of polished nickel and silver, offering a stylish industrial look that can complement a variety of styles and shades.

White Plaster

White plaster is the newest addition to interior design this year, and you can expect to find it on everything from your lightshades to your bedframes. For inspiration, simply take a look at the Palma bed in the new Bernhardt collection.

However, the best home interiors are, of course, the ones you choose yourself. Pick furnishings, fabrics and shades that suit not only your taste but your home. After all, why follow trends when you can set them, right?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.