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The Best Types of Live Entertainment 

It’s time to host a party, whether it’s a big 40th-birthday bash or an intimate anniversary dinner to celebrate your parents’ 50 wedding anniversary. You can plan the party at home or a restaurant/bar and you can do it without spending a fortune. Make your event memorable with live entertainment. Live bands/entertainment get the action going and keep it going all party long. Celebrating special moments is always more exciting with live music, and talent for hire makes it easy to hire party bands that your guests will be talking about long after the event is over. 

Here we discuss the different types of entertainment you can hire for your big event.

A Live Band

There’s no denying that a live band of musicians will provide far more flexibility than a DIY playlist. Some live bands can even change their setlist as they perform, ensuring that your party will always have the right mood going for it. Hiring a live band frees you of this task and eliminates the need for you to consider each of your party guests’ music preferences.

Stand up Comedian

Laughter unwinds people and brings them closer together. A stand up comedian brings witty commentary and sarcastic remarks and make anything and everything funny. From Disney princesses to college, there’s always something to laugh at. Stand-Up Comedy is one of the best types of entertainment


Having a magician at your next event will ensure your guests leave with a smile on their face. Magicians make you laugh, and make you wonder. A magician will bring all your guests together and talking to each other, trying to figure out what they just saw. Having a magician allows everyone in your party to feel welcome and invited while bringing a sense of wonder and excitement.

Master of Ceremonies

A good MC will keep the party flowing and make all necessary announcements throughout the party. The best MCs are the ones that can inject personality into the event. You want someone with infectious energy. 


Many are skeptical of hypnosis. However, what if your audience would see it live? Wouldn’t that be cool? It’s not every day they have this opportunity and your guests will want to tell their friends what grand event they have attended.


Do you like to laugh? Do you like puppets? Well, then the ventriloquist comedian is for you. I know not everyone likes puppets, but they’re very entertaining – especially if you found the right one. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.