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The top 11 holiday gift ideas for a child

Children are always full of expectation, especially during the holiday season if they have been promised a gift. There are so many gifts that one can buy for their child but the problem is that children always love new gifts that their friends don’t have. Many parents find it hard to choose the best gift for their children because most of the time they do not know the kind of gifts that their children may like. Here are some of the top holiday gifts you can get your child this coming holiday. Here are more gift ideas for you.

  1. A Teddy Bear

As a parent or friend, you can never go wrong by buying your child a teddy bear as a gift for the holiday.  There is a new teddy bear which has gained lots of popularity called Teddy Ruxpin which can be an ideal gift.

  1. A Jurassic LEGO pack

This is another excellent gift for the holiday, especially for boys. This is because the pack is filled with action and a child can recreate scenes from the Jurassic movies.

  1. Remote Control Cars

This is another gift idea for both boys and girls, this is because the market has some of the best rc cars which are easy to control and fun to play with.

  1. LEGO creative box

This is a new LEGO pack which has over 800 lock pieces which can be used to build different types of shapes like robots. The pieces are of different colors and shapes making it a perfect gift.

  1. Interactive baby monkey

This fingerling interactive baby monkey is a new toy in the market which has gained popularity with kids. The monkey comes in a wide variety of colors and the monkeys are capable of different motions and sounds.

  1. FurReal  Tyler the tiger

This is another very popular gift which you can get your children for the holiday season. This is a very interesting gift where your child will enjoy petting the different animals and at the same time enjoying the response of different stimulus. The blinking eyes and the stimulus will have the kids loving it.

  1. Hatch Animal Surprise

This is another very popular gift which you can present to your kid as a present this upcoming holiday season. This was the most popular toy for the year 2017 and it has been improved to make it more interesting with new colors.

  1. Inflator Starter Pack

This kind of a toy has gained a lot of popularity and can a very good choice for a gift for the holiday. The kit is made of colorful pellets which can be inflated to different colored balloon sized ball. Kids will have fun inflating them.

  1. Mini Scooter

There are very many types of kids scooter that you can get a child as a gift. The good thing about the scooter is that it comes with over 100 LED lights making it fun to play with.

  1.  Minecraft games

This is another very good choice for a gift for children, this is because it can be assembled and reassembled into different shapes and designs.

  1.  Creative Cloaks and Capes for Dress-up

Encourage creativity and make playtime more entertaining with realistic cloaks and capes for kids. They can be a noble knight from medieval times, an unrivaled warrior, or a superhero.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.