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The top 4 signs that you may have a substance abuse problem

For a person struggling with an addiction, it can be very hard for them to admit that they have a problem or even note the signs and symptoms. It is for this reason that you need to choose your friends carefully as your friends and family can never let you go astray or get lost without them giving warning signs and even trying to help you. Real friends are those who stick by your side in good times and bad times. They will correct and guide your way such that you do not wander away or get lost to your addiction. The signs and symptoms show and manifest themselves early enough but people realize them when it’s too late. Some people think that alcoholism is not a substance abuse problem and that compared to the others it’s better. That is very wrong and dangerous to think so. This is because alcohol abuse has the same withdrawal side effects and can greatly affect, your life, your job, family and relationships. In fact, it is a lethal weapon killing so many without their knowledge. Below are some of the top signs to look for in order to know if you have a substance abuse problem:

  • You always say have total control over it. This is a lie that most people tell themselves and a good indicator that you are struggling with substance abuse. Most drug addicts and heavy drinkers claim that they can stop drinking or using whenever they please. This is a great illusion that the drug has on you to lure you into more drinking and blindly rip you apart thinking that you are still in control. If you find yourself often using such words that you can stop if you please, you should seek professional help as it is a major sign that you are heading in the wrong direction.
  • Denial. This is another sign that you need professional help. If you have friends or families telling you that you have a substance abuse problem and you deny it, it means that you are way in deep. The first step to healing is the acceptance that you have a problem and therefore continuous denial makes it worse for you and is a sign you are addicted. Whenever two or more people decide to talk to you about your substance use, you should realize that you have a problem and they care for you.
  • I don’t use every day. This is another famous phrase used by people struggling with a substance abuse problem. The myth that you do not use daily so you can’t be addicted to the substance is another major sign that you need professional help. This is an excuse that is killing so many people because substance abuse is not defined by how often you use it but it is by how much and how much your body can handle.
  • My addiction is my problem alone. This is actually the final stage of substance abuse problem. It is when you realize that you have a problem and you don’t care. You may think that it is your problem alone but on the contrary, your substance abuse problem affects all your loved ones, family and friends. They don’t like it when you suffer, therefore, do something.

Substance abuse problems can now be cured and there is a shoulder to lean on and confide in. you should never be ashamed of your problem in order to get proper assistance from  free Massachusetts rehab centers.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.