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The Top 5 Sewing Maintenance Tips to Keep In Mind

The Top 5 Sewing Maintenance Tips to Keep In Mind

You want to design your apparels without many interruptions from your sewing machine. This calls for you to keep it in top shape by observing a number of maintenance practices. Below are tips you can consider to maintain your sewing machine in proper shape.

  1. Oil the moveable parts

The sewing machine just like any normal machine has movable parts which need to be running uninterrupted. The best way to do this is by oiling the moving parts. This prevents the parts from wearing out as a result of constant frictions. If unchecked, the parts will end up breaking off or stalling. So, ensure that you oil your sewing machine regularly. Use the recommended sewing machine oils as using inappropriate one can damage the machine.

  1. Cover the Machine When not in use

When machines are not in use, it is proper to cover them up to prevent them from getting damaged. Dust, lint, grit, and animal hair can find their way into your machine and cause all sorts of problems, especially for the computerized sewing machine. Prevent this by making good use of the sewing machine cover or improvised covers. Additionally, wipe down your sewing machine before use and after use. Furthermore, if you know you will not use your sewing machine for a long time then find a nice box, place it in and stuff it away in a safe place.

  1. Replace Improper Parts

To keep your sewing machine up and running without any hitch, you need to be alert with the status of each part. Replace worn out parts immediately. In particular, pay attention to your sewing needles and replace them regularly. Use the correct needles for the right fabrics. Soft needles will not work well with tough fabrics as they will break easily. Have a variety of the needles at your disposal. Also, tighten loose screws and nuts.

  1. Keep Kids and Food Far Away

Machines require one to be very careful when handling them to ensure they last longer. There are a number of precautions you can take to ensure your sewing machine is very well maintained. Keep kids away from the sewing machine as much as possible. Kids are always playful and can damage the machine unknowingly. Also, avoid eating food near your sewing machine as any spillage will damage it especially the computerized ones which can short circuit when they come in contact with liquids. Lastly, keep them unplugged when not in use.

  1. Seek Professional Sewing Machine Services

When in doubt, seek the services of a professional. Sometimes there will be mechanical problems with your sewing machine that you would not be able to handle. Such situations require you to seek the services of a professional. Have a professional look at your machine once a month to ascertain everything is working fine. If you bought your sewing machine from an authorized dealer, then you can request for them to send over a technician to check the status of the machine in the event of a mechanical problem. For more in-depth knowledge of the sewing machines models, you can get to read the reviews found on this page.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.