The Top 6 Celebrity Vapers

If you’re feeling like a bit of an outsider when smoking your e-cigarette, you shouldn’t be. Not only have millions of smokers already switched from conventional tobacco smoking to vaping, it’s also a habit that’s taken the celebrity world by storm. Here’s just a few of the A-Listers that you’ll be able to find smoking an e-cigarette.

Leonardo DiCaprio

You might have seen photos of Leo online recently showing him riding his bicycle smoking what looked like a cigarette. The little device managed to fool lots of people, as the Titanic star was actually smoking an e-cigarette. DiCaprio was spotted puffing on his e-cigarette at the 2014 Golden Globes in a bid to calm his nerves and he’s been photographed vaping many times since.

Charlie Sheen

In a bid to stop being thrown out of his favourite clubbing venues or fined for sparking up a cigarette indoors, the Two and Half Men star reportedly switched to smoking e-cigarettes. He’s now an avid vaper, and even has his own e-cigarette and vaping liquid brand, called Nicosheen. Genius.

Katherine Heigl

Formerly a smoker, the star of Life As We Know It was one of the first celebrities to take up vaping as an alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes. Katherine was so excited about her new e-cigarette that she even encouraged David Letterman to try it when she appeared on the David Letterman Show. She says that it’s really helping her to give up smoking for good. We’re proud of you, Katherine!

Robert Pattinson

Best known for playing the sexy vampire in the hit movie Twilight that had teenage girls all over the world going weak at the knees, Robert Pattinson has reportedly taken up vaping. He’s been regularly spotted in the past smoking conventional cigarettes, but has more recently been seen puffing on an e-cigarette on the set of his new movie Cosmopolis.

Brittney Spears

Brittney Spears has been criticised for a lot of decisions and choices she’s made in the past, but after being shamed for smoking cigarettes too close to her children she decided to switch to vaping an e-cigarette, which is much healthier for both her and her kids. She’s also publicly stated that making the decision to smoke an e-cigarette has helped her to take control of her life and start making better choices. Go girl!

Simon Cowell

In 2013, headlines everywhere reported that Simon Cowell had quit his nasty habit with the help of vaping, after he was spotted using an e-cigarette. Cowell later reported that he’d actually started smoking conventional cigarettes at the tender age of eight, and had tried numerous times to quit before he discovered vaping.

As e-cigarettes seem to be a firm favourite amongst these big names, there’s absolutely no reason why you should feel unfashionable and weird when you’re smoking yours! In fact, why not get some vape starter kits now? Not only is vaping the latest craze on the red carpet, it’s also a much healthier alternative to smoking that’s helped a lot of celebs and non-famous people alike.

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