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The True Saving Power Of Loving It Instead Of Listing It

No matter how much we love our homes, there’s bound to come a time when we wonder if we wouldn’t be better off moving. Despite what most of us like to believe, there’s no such thing as a ‘forever home.’ Our needs change as our families grow or our kids leave home. Home styles which suited you once might not sit you as you get older. Or, you might feel the need to spread your wings and see yourself in new surroundings for once. They do say, after all, that a change is as good as a holiday

The trouble is that this feeling of dissatisfaction often comes with a hefty price tag. That’s no surprise given that house prices have been steadily on the rise for a good while now. If you did decide to list your house, then, you could lose anywhere from $10,000 upwards. In fact, if you move often enough, it’s possible to throw away insane amounts of money time and again.

That’s not something which any of us can afford to do without thought. And, it’s certainly enough to make you wonder whether you shouldn’t learn to love your house instead of listing it. This is a decision which more and more people are making now that house prices are reaching new highs. And, if you’re feeling unhappy at home right now, it could be the best way to get the house you want without spending a fortune.

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The fact is that it isn’t always necessary to move house. If you like the neighborhood you’re in, you’d be far better falling back in love with your home by renovating or remodeling. And, your bank balance would be far better off, too. Whether you do the work yourself or contact a home renovator to do it for you, this is a sure way to get your home the way you want it again. All for less than half the price, and a lot less hassle to boot. A renovation could see you adding rooms onto your home, or improving the ones you’ve got. In some cases, you may even find that rearranging your rooms or redecorating is enough to satisfy your craving for change.

The question is, why would it be worth your while to learn to love your home? Isn’t it good to move sometimes? Not necessarily when you consider the following costs this love could save you.

The cost of a new house

Let’s not beat around the bush; buying a new home is expensive. While prices have been dropping, you still need a mean $472K to buy in Canada right now. In city areas, you can expect to pay more than that. Even if you’re selling, it’s possible you’ll need to take out a larger mortgage to cover those increasing prices. That’s especially the case if you’re moving from one location to the other, and experiencing price fluctuations. If you aren’t careful, a straightforward house move could add a good few years onto your mortgage. More importantly, it could see you paying a whole load more in interest across the years. Though this expense isn’t something you would notice straight away, then, it would come back to bite you. Even worse, it’d ensure that it takes a whole lot longer until you own the house you’re in. That’s never an issue you’re going to have if you learn to love your home as it stands. By staying put, you can keep the mortgage you’ve got, and pay off that cost at least some time before retirement.

The forgotten fees

Let’s not forget that the house itself isn’t the only extreme expense you face when moving house. There are also a whole load of forgotten fees which could break the bank. Most pressingly, you’d need to cough up to cover the costs of your real estate agent. While there are now options to market your house yourself, this isn’t always the money-saver you’d think. You would soon have to start taking time off work to host viewings, and losing money that way. Not to mention that self-marketing leaves you open for chancers taking advantage. As such, there’s no better option than to pay the percentage price for real estate brokers. Then, there are legal fees and survey costs to consider. In most cases, you’ll also need to pay for things like local searches and such. Even if your mortgage doesn’t sting too badly, then, these fees will. Even worse, this can often feel like money which you’re throwing away. All because you couldn’t bring yourself to love your home as it is. It’s a sad state of affairs and one which your bank balance would probably like you to overcome.

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The removal costs

Just when you thought it was all over, removal costs reared their ugly heads. If you list your property, you’re going to face these at some stage. Even if you choose to move on the cheap, you’ll still need to fork out for fuel costs and, again, time off work. The fact is that this is a sting in the tail of an already expensive experience. And, it’s one you can avoid by learning to love your home again. Even when you have to clear rooms out for renovation, you can keep all your furniture within your home space. The ease and money-saving capabilities of that alone can make your home well worth loving.

A final word

When you consider these money-saving benefits, loving instead of listing your home is a no-brainer. Given how much you can now do to transform an existing space, there’s simply no need to consider moving anymore. Loving your home can even be beneficial to more than your bank balance. By focusing on tailoring your space, you could create a home which suits you in a way that a new house never could. Even better, the skills you’ll learn along the way ensure you learn to love your home again next time your feet start itching.

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