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The Ultimate Wedding Favors List

Weddings are hard work, especially as there’s so much to organize.

Sometimes, things even get forgotten, and one of these is usually the wedding favors – that’s if you know what you want. Below, you’ll find a list of favor inspiration to ensure you have your guests covered at your wedding.


Loved by all, you’re sure to brighten up a few faces when they find delightful food keepsakes. You could even try personalizing them for added wow. Ideas include:


This is always a good start, from little bags filled with your favorite chocolate snacks to ones shaped like hearts and unusual treats like mozartkugeln, which your guests will love to try, this is an idea that’s never-ending.

Fortune Cookies

Everyone loves a fortune cookie, so why not give your guest something to warm their souls as they sit around. You can have individual messages, or memories, added to each one before having them added to their designated seat.


If you or someone you know loved to make jam, these are the ideal little gift to put on the table. Just make one per person and add a cute patterned cloth on top, and bang, you’re done. You don’t have to stick to jam; other spreads can be used too.


Photo booths are widely popular now, with props and signs making for a fun way to remember the evening. Add a unique backdrop for wedding and you have wonderful photographs to keep forever.


It doesn’t have to be edible, instead, you could opt for something guests could wear and keep forever, after all, they may eat the chocolate.

Festival bands

In 2018, it was reported that 99,000 people visited Coachella per day, which shows how much everyone loves a festival. A wedding is a festival of sorts, so why not make your own wristband guests can wear on entry and keep forever.


Another festival-inspired idea, you could ensure that everyone’s eyes are shaded all day long, which is particularly helpful if it’s a summer wedding. Make sure these are personalized for added effect.


Not as expensive as the above idea, a cute little name badge would be a lovely way for people to remember everyone’s name, while also giving them a great keepsake for that memory box of theirs.

Cute additions

Maybe you want to think differently, in which case go for a cute, unique favor.


Tattoos are more popular than ever in America, but we don’t mean give everyone a real one. No, instead get your own branded ones for the wedding, and guests can choose whether to wear them or keep them afterward.

Lip balm

If you get small tins, you can often have these branded with your wedding day and date, which gives everyone a lovely little keepsake they can take with them at all times. It also offers UV protection for their lips, so it’s helpful too.


From note pads to pens and pencils, the choices here are endless. The key thing here though is to think of a theme. Do you want them wedding branded or personalized? The choice is yours.

There you have it, the perfect way to give guests a keepsake at your wedding.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.