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Tips for Bathroom Redesigns

Tips for Bathroom Redesigns

Even though renovating a bathroom might sound easy, when you get down to it, you will realize it is not. There is so much involved. Deciding what upgrades to do, the amount of space you need, which accessories to use, and how to pick the right vanity are just a few of the things you will face. Evidently, unless you have handled a bathroom renovation before the nitty-grittiness of revamping your home will be daunting.

So, how can you go about redesigning your bathroom? Here are interesting tips to help you succeed in your next renovation project.

Determine the remodel costs

Before starting any remodeling project, it is imperative that you understand what you want to do and how much it will cost. Naturally, variables like the room size, magnitude of the upgrade, material quality, and contractor’s fee are some of the factors that affect the cost of bathroom renovations. Determining these expenses beforehand will help you to plan on the best way of financing your remodel. Besides, it will keep you from stretching beyond what you can afford.

Think about the Layout

If you want a dreamy bathroom, you should redesign your plumbing. These include drains, vent stacks, and water lines. Typically you have three types of layouts at your disposal. If you are looking for a cost effective design, then the one-wall-layout, in which you line up the shower, sink, and toilet along one wall will suffice. This design, however, is quite restrictive. If you want a more flexible design, go for the two-wall-layout. The two-wall-layout is much easier to clean, which is big since keeping your property clean is of great importance.  Here you will plumb the toilet and the sink on one wall, and the shower and tub along another. Still, if you desire to have a more versatile design, the three-wall-layout is your best pick. It is however intricate and costly.

Know standard bathroom dimensions

Scale and proportion are critical elements when it comes to bathroom renovations. If you get them wrong, your ultimate design will be unsightly. Hence, you must familiarize yourself with the key measurements of conventional bathroom fixtures like sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. Such knowledge will help you decide which size is ideal for your makeover exercise. For instance, if you choose to install an above counter sink, knowing the size of the vessel will guide you on how low or high to make the countertop.

Position your fixtures wisely

A common mistake during bathroom renovations is placing the fixtures wrongly. It is not unusual for instance to come across a bathroom door which cannot open fully because a sink, toilet or bathtub is in the way. Besides looking unprofessional, such a design makes using the bathroom annoying. Avoid such mishaps by considering how you use the bathroom as well as how the door swings. If your bathroom is tiny, consider changing how the door opens or positioning the sink in the corner. Such a move will free up space and ease movement.

Create a focal point

Bearing in mind that the bathroom door is often left ajar, it is nice if it presents a breathtaking impression. An excellent way to give it that fascinating look is by creating a focal point. Something that is not only aesthetically pleasing but cozy. For example, you could install beautiful fixtures where they are instantly visible. These could be vanity mirrors, cabinets, washtub, sinks or shower cubicles. However, ensure the toilet is not the first thing that one sees. You can also invest in a high quality macerating system. Its versatility makes them ideal for residential and commercial applications, and it adds value to your home because it is a new and exciting technology.

Introduce Window Treatments

An exciting way transforming your bathroom into a soft and comfy place is by adding window treatments and fabrics. These could be simple blinds, draperies, shades or shutters. Besides adding softness, they help to absorb sound and add color and pattern to the room. When shopping for these accessories, look for the ones that are resistant to humidity and moisture, and guarantee light and privacy control. Some of the solutions you can try out include the balloon shades, valances, and the all-weather acrylic fabrics from Simply Plastics.

Have a lighting Plan

One of the most brilliant and manageable ideas for bathroom renovations is introducing light into the room. In addition to illuminating the room, lights can create different effects and set the mood. If you are in search of practical lighting solutions, your options are diverse. For instance, you can install wall-mount lights above and besides the mirrors. Alternatively, you could use ceiling-mounted pendant or chandelier lights to introduce style and elegance. Still, if you have an enclosed shower, the vapor-proof fixtures would do just fine.

Select the right Flooring

When it comes to bathroom floors, make sure you get the right kind. Your flooring should be sturdy, durable, attractive, comfortable to walk on, easy to care for, as well as resistant to moisture, slip, and stains. Just like the bathroom lighting solutions, the market is awash with suitable bathroom flooring choices. Popular among these are the honed ceramic tiles.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.