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Tips On Finding Your Decorating Style

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Some people know what their decorating style is and their homes are evidence of their tastes and preferences. Then there are those of us who aren’t quite sure, and as such, we struggle when deciding how to decorate our homes. 

If you’re hoping to spruce up your home any time soon, it might be that you are still dithering about what to do and what to buy. To help you find your decorating style, consider the suggestions we have provided below. 

#1: Take an online quiz

There are loads of quizzes online, as you probably know already if you have ever completed one to find out which literary romantic heroine you are (and such like). There are tons of quizzes related to decorating styles and by answering a few simple questions, you may be pointed in the right direction. There are several interior design quizzes here so spend time on each one of them. If you get similar results, then you will have a better idea of what your decorating style might be. 

#2: Take a look in your wardrobe

What can the inside of your wardrobe tell you about your decorating style? Quite a lot actually. By looking at the clothes you wear, you will have an idea of your personal preferences. Pay attention to the colors, textures, and patterns on your clothing, as you may be able to replicate these when you’re next decorating your home. Consider the styles too. Do you prefer to wear something modern and chic or something a little more conservative and old-fashioned? It might be that your decorating style is tied to your fashion style so examine your outfits and then look for decor to match.

#3: Consider your interests

Your home should be a reflection of you and what you enjoy doing. So, consider this in relation to both your interests and your home’s decor. If you’re somebody who likes being in the great outdoors, for example, it might be that the colors of nature could be ideal for your home. Think about this when choosing paint or wallpaper. Consider the decor you might choose too. Continuing with the outdoors theme, you might choose something handcrafted from natural resources, or wall art that reflects your passion for exploration. Check out these Lakes of Wood, for example. Apply what we are saying to your interests and look for decor to match. 

#4: Consider your current decor

Take a note of each item in your home, including your wall coverings, furniture, rugs, and other home accessories. Make a list of the things you like and things you no longer like. By focussing on the items that give you pleasure, it makes sense to suggest that the colors, styles, and textures you have already chosen should form the basis of your next home makeover. 


When it comes to decorating style, it all comes down to personal preferences. When you know what you like, you will have the incentive to decorate your house accordingly. So, follow our suggestions and then do other things to find your style, perhaps by browsing home decor magazines or by taking inspiration from the things that catch your eye in other people’s homes. By taking these steps, you should have a greater understanding of what your decorating style is. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.