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Tips to Keep Your Baby Cool This Summer

Summer is a wonderful time of year for parents and their young ones to enjoy the great outdoors. Free of blustery conditions and freezing cold temperatures that require careful planning and preparation before stepping outside, summer is an easy breezy season where families can enjoy picnics in nature, lazy days in the garden, and dips in their local pool.

Outdoor experiences are also important for the development of babies and toddlers. These experiences can offer an opportunity for them to explore and appreciate nature, enjoy outdoor play, and develop their motor skills. 

While making the most of the summer weather, it is also important to keep your baby or young child safe and protected from the heat. In this article, we have outlined some essential tips to help you keep your baby cool this summer.

Seek Out Shade

Always ensure you keep your baby out of direct sunlight. Babies below the age of six months do not have enough melanin in their skin to provide adequate protection from the sun’s rays and their developing bodies are as yet incapable of regulating their own temperature. 

Keep your baby’s head covered with a sun hat and make sure their pram or stroller has a sunshade cover which will shield them from the sunlight. When you are out and about in a park or somewhere else in nature, seek out shade and lay your baby out on a blanket beneath a canopy of trees.

Dress Them Wisely

Dress your baby in a single layer of clothing during the summer months such as a summer dress or a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Light colors are ideal for reflecting the sun’s rays and absorbing the least amount of heat, helping to keep your baby comfortable and cool.  When choosing clothing materials for your baby opt for loose, breathable, and moisture-absorbent fabrics such as linen, hemp, bamboo and cotton. 

Ventilate & Hydrate 

As babies do not sweat as much as adults it’s important to protect them from overheating by keeping them well ventilated. At home, make sure there is enough air circulating in their bedroom and during the day, keep their bedroom blinds or curtains closed to avoid their room heating up or exposing them to direct sunlight.

When on the move, keep their stroller or pram covered with a sunshade and remove any other blankets or coverings. A stroller fan such as the ones at Diono is the perfect summer accessory to invest in, allowing you to keep the air flowing around your baby. Hydration is also key during the summer months. On hotter days, babies often require more breast milk so make sure to offer your baby extra feeds or formula to drink to help them stay cool.

Cool Them Down

Carry a cool compress or some wet wipes and water with you to cool your baby down in their stroller or baby carrier. A muslin cloth wrapped around a  few ice cubes or an ice pack can make the ideal compress which you can apply gently and briefly to your child’s skin to prevent them from overheating.

In addition to these tips, avoid going out during the hottest parts of the day and opt for cooler mornings and evenings instead. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.