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Top 10 Affordable Home Decor Ideas

How you long for the most beautifully furnished and decorated homes that you see in films and in magazines! You want to decorate your home before festivals and special events in life. Yet, there are several obstacles and restraints on the way like availability of items nearby, space available in the house, your budget, and also lack of ideas to decorate.

Here, let us tackle the major issue, that is, your budget. If your budget allows, you can order items from far away and pay for their transportation; you can get a bigger home or make an extension maybe; and you can hire someone to give you ideas for decoration.

But, why not go in for affordable home décor ideas that you could simply do by yourself?

1. Walls

Clean and fresh walls look pretty in a house. These are also an open play ground for you to beautify your home. Give them a nice color, a designer look, or simply hang some wall art on them. Sometimes you may face the problem of ugly walls in the form of layers of peeled paint, marks left from seepage of water, minor cracks, holes, dents, discoloring of paints and distempers, other stains etc.

You can simply do an affordable job at home. Painting the walls is the easiest solution to hide wall imperfections as well as bringing them to life. But, that costs money. So, go in for a cost-effective artificial plant wall or artificial ivy wall. You can try designer walls, wallpaper, paintings, or a collage of photos or pottery too.

2. Lights

A well-lit house is the house of prosperity and brightness. Make sure that your house is well lit with pretty lights. Avoid too many diffused or colorful ones. Fix them inside false ceiling boards, at the corners, or on walls to highlight your special artwork or wall art.

Bring in as much of natural light as possible. Hang lighter drapes on the western and heavier ones on the eastern sides. Arrange for a double layer to filter out the strong sun rays, yet allow natural light to come in. Place table lamps at the corner near some colorful planters with artificial plants like USA silk flowers.

3. Color Therapy

Imbibe the beautiful seven colors of the rainbow into your house and see how color therapy works wonders for you. Each color has its significance and effect in the house. For example, green brings in gives balance and stability; yellow gives energy; pink brings in love. Bring in color into your homes by using any of these:

  • Wall  paints, papers
  • drapes,  tapestry
  • decorative items
  • conservative flags
  • tiles, panels
  • rugs, carpets
  • flowers, plants
  • wall hangings,  paintings
  • towels,  napkins
  • sheets, duvets (duvet tog sale price),  blankets

4. Seating

Everyone wants a comfortable and plush sofa set to sit on, relax, and entertain guests. Place them a little away from the walls in a closed arrangement, rather than an open-ended ‘U’ or ‘C’ shape. Take a little care of the height of the dining chairs. They should be straight so the diner easily reaches out to the dining table and eat. Drape the sets with beautiful colorful furnishing.

Bring in a variety of patterns, colors, textures, and materials. You could use a little bit of silk, cotton, leather, jute, satin etc. Try put polka dots, squares, geometrical shapes, stripes etc for that different look.

5. Storage Cabinets

Always buy cabinets and cupboards with legs showing at the bottom end. This stops the room from looking smaller and cramped. Take a mixture of open and closed shelves as well as pull out drawers. Have glass doors on them. Fix tiny led lights at the back wall of the shelves. Arrange your delicate pottery, curios, candle stands, photo frames, and other priceless possessions. Keep a couple of vases with green artificial plants in them. Place a battery candle or tea light to highlight the plants.

6. Home Bar

For your home bar, decorate it such that it could act as a reading corner too. Fix the cabinets and shelves that could work both ways. Use the inner space for storing your liquor and glasses; and the outer for the collection of your favorite books. Just keep a bean bag or a rocking chair there and sit down for a good read. Place some artificial ferns hanging baskets from hooks and your mini bar cum reading room is ready with a fake garden too. Fix an arty wall clock on the back shelf. Place a couple of bar stools and you are done.

7. Balconies and Terraces

Balconies and terraces are often neglected parts of the house. They become like storage spaces after some time with washing machines, newspapers,  books, extra gas cylinders, old toys, empty cartons etc. Throw away all clutter and unwanted things. Decorate them with some awesome ideas like an artificial garden wall, outdoor artificial topiary plants, and other outdoor artificial foliage.  These plants are durable, fire resistant, and maintenance free. Hang a wind chime and some pretty lamps from the ceiling. Keep a couple of bird feeders too.

8. Bathrooms

Make your bathrooms a special place. You set the mood for the day by going here the first thing in the morning. There are many varieties of designer bathroom wall tiles and panels. Hang colorful towels and napkins. Make space for storing your toiletries in a pretty cabinet. Place an antiskid floor mat at the door. Keep some green artificial plants in colorful ceramic planters.

9. Kitchen

Never neglect the kitchen of the house. This is the woman’s fiefdom and the source of health and nutrition to the family. Keep it well lit, bright and colorful. Keep all modern, but useful appliances. Have enough storage so that the countertops are open and free. Decorate with some odd pieces of pottery, some plants, a couple of glass vases with flowers, some photos to personalize it.

10. Bedrooms

Sleep is the most important physiological and biological need of man. You need to keep your bedroom pretty, organized, and comfortable for a good rest at night. Hang colorful drapes. Keep a comfortable chair to sit on and read. Have bedside reading lamps. Keep the mirrors and televisions away from the beds if not the bedroom. A soft pink color is ideal for the room. Keep it well lit and ventilated with fresh air and light during the daytime.

Try out these timeless home décor ideas and see your house grow into a beautiful and personal haven to you. These ideas are affordable, simple, and effective.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.