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Top 3 Homely Features That Hide In Plain Sight

Homes can be incredibly dynamic. The best are often multi-faceted in their functioning, boasting unique quirks that add more charm to the space.  

A big part of selling this aspect of a home is the features that hide in plain sight. Often, they can be tucked away discretely and then brought out onto display in all their vivid glory. Their inclusion can redefine rooms and help them feel layered and inventive.

Each reflects positively on you as a decorator and creative mind. Of course, there is a cool factor here also. Any property that has more than meets the eye will always be revered to a high degree. Here are the top 3 homely features that hide in plain sight. 

Staircase Drawers

Clutter is a prevalent problem in the U.S. Many people are so overwhelmed that they need to feel inspired before tackling the mess they have created. Storage solutions can be hard to come by too. Cupboards and attic spaces sometimes become overcrowded with stuff.

 Before long, they need to be organized and tidied up as well. Desperation for additional stashing options may soon arrive after this. 

Staircase drawers can both ease these pressures and lend a stylish twist to your home. Each step in your home doubles as a drawer that can be stocked with anything you like. The surface can also feature a myriad of appealing or playful designs, injecting your property with an extra dose of character. 

Motorized Roll Screens

Sun protection is key if you live in a warmer state. Florida residents in particular need to take precautions, causing many changes to be made to their homes for better safety and comfort. 

For example, you can get motorized sun screens in Sarasota, Florida, that reduce exposure and protect against UV rays. Furthermore, these additions can also add value and curb appeal to your home, as they can also help homeowners secure more privacy and keep insects out of their abodes. The motors are quiet, and the retractable screen can also be remotely controlled for your convenience.  

There is a lot to appreciate here. With so many functions and rewards, your quality of life is substantially improved for the better. Installation is fast and clean as well, so there are no drawbacks to encounter with the inclusion of a motorized roll screen. 

Invisible Bookshelves

Regular bookshelves can be bulky and cumbersome. They take up a lot of floor space, and they can be a bother to assemble and dismantle if you are moving house or reorganizing the space. 

Their ‘invisible’ counterparts can solve many of these problems. Fortunately, they are easy to install and sturdy, with each shelf made of steel and supporting up to 15 pounds of books. Scattering 3-4 of them across a wall should suffice. You can likely stash DVDs atop invisible shelves, too, depending on the size and variation of them. 

The aesthetics are something to consider here too. Not only are these solutions practical, but your books will genuinely look as if they are levitating. If you are creating a themed room where imagination can run wild, then invisible bookshelves can vividly complement the atmosphere you are trying to make. Once again, this is an interesting quirk that is also practical!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.