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Top four kitchen design trend for 2015 and beyond

Top four kitchen design trend for 2015 and beyond

Are you looking to freshen up the look of your kitchen? Are you building a new home? Are you simply looking to change a few details of your existing kitchen décor? If any of these describes you, then you definitely need to know the current trends in kitchen design. In this piece, we are going to take a look at the top four.

Wooden kitchen cabinets

“Look around any modern home today and you will be sure to find a variety of wooden cabinets with different types of wood grains and wood stains. However, oak is the clear winner, as there has been a sharp increase in the number of people using it in their kitchen designs.” Says Mike at

The durability of using oak wood is a well-known benefit, but the popularity also has to do with its aesthetic appeal.

Woods of mixed colours are also being used more in kitchen cabinet designs, with the most popular combinations being pale wood and warm hone-toned wood. However, dark wood tones have remained popular over the years and this isn’t expected to change anytime soon. Therefore, if you don’t like the idea of using mixed colours of wood in your cabinet. You can always stick to dark wood tones. You’ll still be in vogue!

Minimalistic approach to cabinets and appliances

Many people are incorporating the principle of simplicity in their kitchen designs, with focus being on using white around the kitchen, including on cabinets, and only using white appliances, which will seamlessly blend with the overall theme. White creates a clean, simple and uncluttered feeling around the kitchen.

Use of Warm Metal Kitchen Fixtures

Warm and inviting kitchens are always lovely to spend time in. If you think you should add some warm accents and details to your kitchen, warm coloured metals can give the room an inviting glow. To further add to the visual appeal, you can use both warm and cool reflective metals in a particular space.  A good example is combing the accents of brass, or perhaps copper, with chrome.

Open floor plan designs for the kitchen

In the recent past we seen a move from closed to open floor plans.  The open floor plans seen in most kitchens today are expected to remain in vogue beyond 2015.

What does an open floor kitchen plan mean for you?  It means that your kitchen will not be treated as a separate part of the home. Such a layout means that people hanging out in your family room can see whatever is going on in the kitchen and anyone in the kitchen can see what is going on in the living room. This means that there has to be consistency of décor theme and philosophy between the kitchen and the family room. Here is a look at the rise of open plan living.

There are lots of other trends to keep your eye on. Create your own vision, but keep established wisdom in mind when you consider designs.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.