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Travel Bloggers Recommend these Top Destinations on your Next China Tour

Travel Bloggers Recommend these Top Destinations on your Next China Tour

If you are planning to visit China in 2016, consider these top China destinations that have captured the heart and soul of travel bloggers from all over the world.


Image by  Christian Junker | Photography via Flickr

China is a big place with a burgeoning population, rich cultural heritage, and scenery that will capture the heart of anyone’s inner globetrotter. Yet with so much ground to cover (or not to cover), it can be exceedingly difficult to find the right groove you’re looking for in China.

With that said, let’s take a look at what some professional travellers have to say about some of China’s top travel and tourism destinations. I’d like to organize them by main feature for easier reading, as opposed to going location by location. Book now at to visit any one of these destinations.

1. Modern Architecture

If travelling to a place that feels like Blade Runner is your “groove thang”, then these cities are most certainly not to be missed or skipped over! Ideal for sight-seeing and shopping, these destinations are a contemporary traveller’s dream come true. Worth mentioning is that Luxurious China City Breaks span a number of these cities, along with others.

Hong Kong: great for shopping, architecture, and best known for Victoria Peak and dim sum. In addition to Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai are also excellent shopping destinations that are full of modern buildings mixed up with old world temples.

Macau: For those who like to visit popular casinos, Macau is a great fit. Macau is also well known for its Portuguese culture –yes, Portuguese culture in China! There are plenty of temples in the area, and it’s a hot spot for great dining, too.

2. Ancient Temples and Historical Wonders

Beijing: This is one city that tops a few lists because it has so many tourist destinations of every dispensation. In the case of ancient temples and historical wonders, Beijing has the Great Wall of China, the Summer Palace, and the Forbidden City.

Xian: Home of the Terracotta Army, the fabulous fountain show in Goose Pagoda Square, and is also known for bicycle rides along the Ancient City Wall.

3. Cute Giant Pandas!

Yes. Pandas. An icon for the country and so cute you wish you could stuff them into your suit case and take them home. If it is pandas you need to see, then Chengdu is the place to do it. And while you are in Chengdu, visit the Sichuan Opera and the Leshan Giant Buddha. Yes, Chengdu is full of all things giant!

4. Colours and Nature

If it is natural settings and deep rich colour you crave, I suggest visiting Yunnan. Yunnan is worthy of a visit any time of the year with a number of natural destinations. My personal favourite is the Stone Forest World Geo Park, although the Dongcuan Red Land is absolutely captivating, Lijiang Ancient Town in not to be missed. If you go to China, visit Yunnan!

5. Places Like No Other

Tibet: One of the highest plateaus in the world, with the richest of vast blue skies and cool blue freshwater lakes. And with all that, there’s more –Tibet is also home to some of the breathtaking cultural icons China has to offer as well. Step into the spiritual and visit China Tibet monks who have lived there for thousands of years.

There you have it! Depending on what type of exploration you’d like to do, China has an array of destinations that you can choose from. It’s a country with no shortage of beautiful places and historical monuments to marvel at.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.