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Trendsend #11 Review (August 2016)

Trendsend #11 Review (August 2016)

Trendsend Review #11 August 2016

Evereve Trendsend is a styling service for women, specifically geared towards moms. What makes them different than other styling services is that they put together a few outfits for you, instead of just sending you individual pieces. The clothes are so comfortable and cute! Trendsend only charges a $1 processing fee! Pay for the items you keep and send the rest back.

I was happy to see I was back to my regular stylist, Lauren, this month! She always manages to include at least one item that I just can’t live without.

Outfit #1
Sanctuary Essential Shell – $44 [Return]
Lovestitch Fringe Drape Cardy – $88 [Return]

Luna Stone and Bangle Triple Strand Necklace – $28 [Return]

Lovestitch Fringe Drape Cardy - Trendsend

At first glance, I love this black cardy. It is so soft and warm and I love how it drapes. Then I unbuttoned it to see how it looks when it’s open.

Sanctuary Essential Shell Top - Trendsend

I do not like how it only has fringe on one side. I’ve never been one for asymmetrical. And the button floating on my shoulder looks silly. The red top was so similar to one I purchased from my very first Trendsend box, that I returned it.

Luna Stone and Bangle Triple Strand Necklace - Trendsend

This necklace was too mixed for me. The drop is okay, I love the circle in the middle, but those hanging bars made me return it.

Outfit #2
Free People Cocoon Cowl – $68 [Return]
Sanctuary Relaxed Traveler – $109 [Return]

Free People Cocoon Cowl - Trendsend

I was surprised to see this top again after I returned it in a different color. While this color is AMAZING, I do not like the style of this top. The back is shorter and has a weird section that accentuates the widest part of my body.

Free People Cocoon Cowl Side - Trendsend

Maybe it doesn’t look too bad, but I don’t love it.

Sanctuary Relaxed Traveler

These pants. Ugh. Last time I tried on an army green pair that would be perfect for fall. I loved them, except there was a gap in the waist. I noted that, thinking that was the end of those pants. Nope. My stylist sent me a size down. 🙁 As soon as I saw that, I knew they wouldn’t fit. I never size down. The other size fit everywhere else except the waist. I just have to accept that this brand doesn’t fit me. And these are blue camo, which no.

Outfit #3
Allison Joy Scoop Neck Tunic – $68 [Keep]
Peyton Jensen Miranda Vest – $98 [Return]

Peyton Jensen Miranda Vest - Trendsend

Finally! Tunics scare me because they are usually too long to wear with regular pants, or too short to wear with leggings. This one was the perfect length!

Peyton Jensen Miranda Vest Back - Trendsend

I really wanted to love this vest. It looked so cool when I held it up. When I put it on, it just made me look wide. But I have another grey vest I can wear with this tunic.

Outfit #4
Olive and Oak Gauze Pintuck Tank – $39.99 [Return]

Olive and Oak Gauze Pintuck Tank - Trendsend

Another instance of LOVING the color and hating the style. I think the detail around the halter is so beautiful. I really wanted this shirt to work. I’m not sure if it’s the material or the length, but the shape is awful. It laid just so it looks like I have a huge stomach.

Olive and Oak Gauze Pintuck Tank Side - Trendsend

All the nopes.

I am really happy with the one item I kept! What did you think?

I always look forward to getting new outfits to try on every month. You can sign up for Trendsend HERE.

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Thursday 25th of August 2016

I love that they are only charging a $1 fee. I need to order another box. Love your blog, just spent like an hour looking through old posts! I'm also a Denver girl :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.