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Trendsend #9 Review (June 2016)

Trendsend #9 Review (June 2016)

Trendsend Review #9 - June 2016

Evereve Trendsend is a styling service for women, specifically geared towards moms. What makes them different than other styling services is that they put together a few outfits for you, instead of just sending you individual pieces. The clothes are so comfortable and cute! Trendsend only charges a $1 processing fee! Pay for the items you keep and send the rest back.

I was happy to see I was back to my regular stylist, Lauren, this month! She always manages to include at least one item that I just can’t live without.

Outfit #1
Red Haute Stripe Flounce Back Tank – $68 [KEEP]
Fate Drape Vest – $78 [RETURN]
Kut From The Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Jean – $89 [RETURN]
Amelia Mixed Metals Short Necklace – $9.99 [KEEP]

Fate Drape Vest - Trendsend

I prefer to cover my arms, so I returned this vest, but I have the say the material felt amazing and it was very comfortable to wear. It has a drawstring inside so you can cinch it. However, it arrived in my box with the drawstring pulled almost all the way through on one side, and I was not about to sit there and inchworm it out the other end. Pain!

Amelia Mixed Metals Short Necklace - Trendsend

This necklace was on sale so how could I say no?! It is gold and dainty, just my style.

Red Haute Stripe Flaunce Back Tank - Trendsend

Laurent must have been reading my mind, because I have been thinking about getting a striped shirt for a while. This one is perfect! I love how the stripes are broken up in the back. I’m a bit wide in the derrière region, so this is the perfect style for me.

Kut From The Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Jeans - Trendsend

I love the wash of these jeans. I need these in bootcut. I love the boyfriend jean in theory, but it does not work with my body type. It makes me look stumpy.

Outfit #2
Eight Sixty Paisley Print Ruffle Tank – $49.99 [RETURN]

Eight Sixty Paisley Print Ruffle Tank - Trendsend

The colors of this shirt are EVERYTHING! I was so disappointed I did not love this shirt. The picture does not show it well, but the bottom is very wide and not fitted. It made me look like a bell. I do love the neckline on this shirt. I felt modest yet sexy at the same time.

Outfit #3
Press Stripe Tunic Dress – $58 [RETURN]

Press Stripe Tunic Dress - Trendsend

I love pretty much everything about this dress, except for one thing. It doesn’t do anything for my body type. But the material, the comfort, the colors, the thickness of the stripes, the sleeves! Oh how I love sleeves. I wish this was a shirt.

Press Stripe Tunic Dress Side View - Trendsend

I need more of a fit and flare style dress to hide my midsection. I do appreciate how it is longer in back. The big booty tends to make dresses even shorter. Am I right?!

What’s funny is that I already received this dress in a previous Trendsend and sent it back.

Outfit #4
Free People Long Beach Tank – $20 [RETURN]
Cloth and Stone Hipster Shirt – $79.99 [RETURN]

Cloth and Stone Hipster Shirt - Trendsend

While I do enjoy the color scheme of this outfit, this hipster shirt was not playing nice. The material made it sort of stick to the tank top. The sides are cut out really high, which never makes sense to me.

Cloth and Stone Hipster Shirt Side View - Trendsend

The tank top I sent back because I already have it in black. Actually, the black one came in the same box as the previous striped tunic dress. lol

I am really happy with the pieces I kept! I always look forward to getting new outfits to try on every month. You can sign up for Trendsend HERE.

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