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Trendsend Review (March 2017 #2)

Trendsend Review (March 2017 #2)

Even though I am writing this in April, I received 2 Trendsend boxes last month. Just a tiny oops on my part, as there was confusion after the move and resubscribing to boxes with my new address. But are more clothes really an oops? You can see my first March review here.

What is Trendsend?

Evereve Trendsend is a styling service for women, specifically geared towards moms. What makes them different than other styling services is that they put together a few outfits for you, instead of just sending you individual pieces. The clothes are so comfortable and cute! Trendsend only charges a $1 processing fee! Pay for the items you keep and send the rest back. If you discover that an item is on sale in the Evereve store or is marked down on the tag, just send them a note and they will adjust the price!

This post contains affiliate links. Purchases made through these links help support the blog. My love of clothes is real.

I was back to Mallory styling me this month. She put together some great outfits for me, including everything from casual to a night out.

Outfit #1
Sanctuary Camo Boyfriend Shirt – $99 [Return]
BlankNYC Ankle Skinny – $88 [Return]

This camo shirt was almost perfect! Besides the high price tag, I did not like the rolled up sleeves. I love the look and I am always pushing up long sleeves, but I cannot stand the rolling cuffed sleeves. They always come undone and then I have a random corner flapping around…it’s not worth the headache.

I do love how they look though! Why can’t they just stay in place? Now I’m on the hunt for a shirt like this that works for me.

The jeans did not fit, but I don’t like this style anyways. I prefer a cuffed ankle jean or regular skinny jean. These were a bit shorter than a regular skinny jean.

I actually preferred pairing this shirt with my black skinny jeans that I found super cheap at Ross [similar here] and my Steve Madden slip-on sneakers [in black here or similar here]. I love this outfit!

Outfit #2
Vanity Room Kiki Fit and Flare Dress – $68 [KEEP]
Excelsior Multi Chain Statement Necklace – $38 [Return]

The fit and flare style is perfect for my body type and it’s hard for me to find a fit and flare dress I don’t like. This can easily be a casual outfit or a more formal outfit. I paired the dress with my Mix No. 6 pointed toe flats [similar here].

I have a very similar necklace, so I returned this piece. I love the different metals in this necklace. It makes it so versatile and it goes with anything!

Outfit #3
Kut from the Kloth Mia Skinny – $89 [Return]
BeachLunchLounge Bella Button Down – $29.99 [Return]

Thirty-Nine 42 Charmed Layer Choker – $28 [Return]
Peyton Jensen Flight Jacket – $148 [Keep]

This is the perfect weekend outfit for me. There is so much going on with this outfit, so let’s break it down.

I love me some plaid, but I do not love armpits. If this was a short sleeve shirt, I probably would have kept it. However, I feel like Larry the Cable Guy, so I returned it.

Looking back this this picture of the choker, I’m not sure why I returned it. Return regrets happen to me more often than I would like. I guess I’m not really loving the round “charms” at the neck.

These skinny jeans are my favorite and I actually have them in a darker wash. I prefer darker jeans, but I am returning these as I try not to have different colors of the same item. It’s unnecessary. But they are so stretchy and comfortable!

This jacket was the highlight of my box. Normally, I would not spend so much on a jacket, but I have come to realize that it is unrealistic for me to tell myself I will find a similar, cheaper version. Because I have an eye for detail, when I find a “similar” item that might have just the slightest difference, I tend to hate the different detail and I regret not buying the thing I fell in love with. Anyways, this jacket is so lightweight and perfect for spring!

I was really happy with what I kept this time, especially the flight jacket!l What did you think?

I always look forward to getting new outfits to try on every month. You can sign up for Trendsend HERE.

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