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Underground Cellar Wine Review

Underground Cellar Wine Review

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I received a free product in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed herein are my own.

A deal site for wine? Count me in! I love trying new wines and serving wine at dinner parties. However, I am not knowledgeable about wine at all, so I feel lost when shopping in stores. When I shop online, I feel like I can learn about the wine and get a better deal as well. Underground Cellar is deal site for people who want premium wine without feeling like they were pick-pocketed. At Underground Cellar, the more wine you buy at the lowest price, the more free upgrades to expensive bottles you get.

Wait… the less I spend per bottle, the better deal I get? How does that work?

1. View the Deals – Each deal is made up of variously priced bottles. Underground Cellar collaborates with the wineries and asks them to throw in wines that you can’t find anywhere else. The deals only last several days at most, so come back frequently!

2. Buy an Offer – Choose how many bottles you want, and pay for each at the lowest priced bottle (ex: An offer has bottles priced between $25-$100, but you only pay $25 for each).

3. Get Free Upgrades – Every bottle you buy is eligible for a free upgrade to a more expensive bottle. You can find out your upgrades right away after checkout. The more you buy, the more upgrades you get! You could even end up with an autographed bottle!

When you create an account, you also get your own “cellar.” If you only see one bottle you want to buy, you can put it in your cellar to ship later. This is a great option, because shipping is only $5 if you buy 6 bottles, and free if you buy 12 bottles!

Now I am definitely a white wine type of girl. I picked out this bottle of 2012 Buoncristiani Triad Blanc straight out of Napa Valley. Isn’t it such a pretty bottle?

Underground Cellar

From the Buoncristiani website:

Complex aromas of lemon zest, white peach, spicy pear, orange sherbert, floral muscat, vanilla, and lemon cream pie entice the senses. On the palate, a creamy texture leads the way to layered flavors of mango, pineapple, apple, key lime pie, honeysuckle and vanilla wafer. Zesty citrus flavors, tropical fruit and ultra bright acidity linger in the crisp and clean finish.

Mmmmm sounds yummy. I like white wines that are more on the sweet side, but I can see this Triad Blanc appealing to all different palates.

When you sign up at Underground Cellar, you get a free $5 credit! Check it out.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.