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Vacation Time: Planning A Trip To Costa Rica

You’ve worked very hard for quite some time to save up for a much-needed vacation. You’ve searched the Internet and decided to go on a vacation to Costa Rica. You long to get away from New Jersey’s dreaded winter season, and want to bask under the warm Costa Rican sun. You are daydreaming away about the vacation when suddenly you think about airport parking. You know parking at the airport lots can be expensive and is a budget in itself.

A Month Out

Generally, planning ahead will ensure your vacation will run smoothly. A month away from your Costa Rican vacation, you are starting to look for hotels and make flight reservations. You’ve booked the flight and you’ve found the perfect place to stay, right off the beach. It is ultra modern and boasts great views of the beach without sacrificing privacy. So you’ve checked off airline tickets and hotel reservations off your to-do list. However, at the back of your mind, you are still thinking about airport parking. 

The vacation is going to be about two weeks and you’re wondering about Newark long term airport parking and how much it’ll cost you to park for two weeks. You don’t want to burden anyone or have to worry about your vehicle while on vacation. You decide to do a quick search online to get a general idea of the cost. You’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t mind parking away from the airport as long as it is secure and provides a shuttle to and from the airport. I don’t want to pay an enormous amount just for parking.” So you browse online and found a few websites and saw the cost for their long term airport parking for Newark airport. You say to yourself, “Wow! The one at the airport will cost me tons for my 2-week vacation!” You find one website that offered good pricing and had the basic amenities you were looking for. It was secure, as they had security cameras. They also offered shuttle service to and from the airport. You decide to make a reservation to save a spot for your car.

One Week Before

So you’ve got everything that needed a reservation, booked and confirmed. You’ve paid for the airline tickets, the hotel reservation, and the parking. The next thing to do, being a week out from the trip, is to plan on the activities and sights you may want to visit when you arrive in Costa Rica. Most importantly, since the trip will be two weeks, budgeting also needs to be reviewed and planned. Of course, along with these, you also got to think about the things you will bring with you on your trip. 

First things first; make a list of things to do and see in Costa Rica. It’s your very first time going to Costa Rica and you want to engulf yourself in an adventure and spend a good amount of time at one of their beaches. A quick search online finds an article that suggests white-water rafting and visiting Manuel Antonio National Park. It is said that during the time that you have booked your reservations to visit Costa Rica, it would be the optimal time to go white-water rafting on the Pacuare River for first-timers. The river is said to be calmer during that time. The article then talks about visiting Manuel Antonio National Park. It specifically states that the national park contains Costa Rica’s best beaches. “Perfect,” you think to yourself as you add them to your list. You then take a look at the general pricing for these activities and find that you are still in budget. You continue to add a few more places to the list that include markets, restaurants, and coffee shops. You look up the weather and check the forecast. You then head over to your closet and find appropriate clothing for each activity. You’ve included swimwear, shoes for hiking and rafting, evening wear, and some comfortable outfits to explore in.

The Day Before

You’ve packed and checked everything. You’re ready for the big trip tomorrow. You have checked all your travel documents, you’ve printed out all your reservations, and you’ve made sure you’ve also packed all the gadgets to bring with you on your trip. Since you have chosen an early flight, you decide to head to bed early. “I’ll start heading for the airport early tomorrow. I’ll just catch breakfast there,” you say to yourself.

Planning ahead for a trip is beneficial, especially when you are going somewhere for the first time. You want to give yourself plenty of time during your travels. This will guarantee a smoother and relaxing vacation.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.