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Wantable Fitness Edit (March 2017)

Wantable Fitness Edit (March 2017)

Wantable Fitness

Last month I started a Beachbody program with the help of my friend and coach, Lisa. Right now I am doing the PiYo workout videos and drinking Shakeology every day. Add that to working from home, and all of a sudden I have a need for lots and lots of leggings! I decided to subscribe to the Wantable Fitness Edit.

This post contains referral and affiliate links. Your purchases through these links help support the blog. All opinions and love of yoga pants are my own.

What is Wantable Fitness Edit?

The Fitness Edit is a personal styling service from Wantable that allows you to try designer fitness and athleisure apparel before you buy. This means you get to try on 5-7 handpicked items in the comfort of your own home before paying for them. Item prices are based on your personal preferences but usually range from $30-$70 each.

Each month you pay $20 for the styling fee and then the fee gets credited toward any items you keep. If you keep 5 or more items, you get to take an additional 20% off the total cost!

This month I was styled by Hilary who included versatile pieces for me to try out. She kept my preferences in mind when choosing the items, so lets see what I got!

good hYOUman Aguilera Muscle Tank – $42 [Return]

I love a good t-shirt, especially in the color grey, but muscle tees are not my thing. It was very comfortable, but I have no muscles to show (yet). This tee definitely has the “boyfriend” vibe in that it is very loose and not form fitting.

Zobha Kai Drape Back Top – $58 [Return]

This is very lightweight shirt that is perfect for hot day. However, it is not for me. I don’t wear light pink ever and the drape back is really for showing off, and I don’t like to show skin. (hello, back rolls!)

Prismsport Jazz Top – $75 [KEEP]

Big booty girls, this is for you (and me)! This shirt can definitely be worn on daily errands or in the gym. The split back make this shirt fit perfectly over my bottom.

Rese Milly Bra – $64 [KEEP]

When I first saw this bra, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it. It looked comfortable, but I thought the elastic straps were odd. Well, you are supposed to try clothes on for a reason. I was so wrong about this bra. It is the most comfortable sports bra ever!

It gives me amazing support and the wide straps are so forgiving on my shoulders. The only thing about this particular bar that made me squirm a little was the armpit stains I found. Those are not mine. Those belong to whoever tried this on before me and sent it back. A quick wash will get rid of them, but it should not have been sent to me this way.

Rese Kori Multi Stripe Leggings – $97 [Return]

These are the prettiest leggings I’ve ever seen! I love full length leggings because I wear them year round. And I know I just spent $75 on a tank top, but I could not pull the trigger on these almost $100 leggings. I think this is a brand I need to look for though, as I am loving their products so far.

Zobha Laine Capri – $60 [Return]

If these were all grey, I would have kept them. White is not my color at all. [Hi, I’m pale.] They were very comfortable and I do like the panel patterns. They create and illusion making you look thinner.

MPG Sport Dare Capri in Typo Blackout – $54 [Return]

Black is my friend. When I first tried these one, I thought the fabric had stretched too much and you could see my skin through the letters. Actually the letters are somewhat reflective and it was just the lighting. I am not really one for lettering on my clothes or accessories, so I returned this.

Here is the total breakdown of cost for my March Fitness Edit:

Wow! I know that seems like a lot to spend on workout clothes. If the majority of your laundry ends up being sweaty bras and leggings, this might be something you want to invest in. Even if you only find one item you like, it is worth it. And you are welcome to skip any month without cancelling.

Try Wantable Fitness Edit now and sign up here!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.